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Shapeways for electronics cases

I ordered another print from Shapeways and after some volcano-related delays, it finally arrived. Another good experience from Shapeways. Now that Sketchup 7.1 can do Collada exports, the process is easier but still, it does not have power tools for mesh editing, so it sometimes can be difficult creating a watertight model that passes Shapeways’ checks. Each 2-part case was a bit over $3 in “White, Strong and Flexible” material. (They’re small) and shipping for orders over $25 is free.

Pile of Cases

It holds a small capacitive sensor circuit.

Circuit and case put together

The case holds the circuit onto a conductive band

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6 Responses

  1. duann says:

    cool stuff,

    Do you have them available in a shapeways shop?

  2. Brian says:

    Mark E and I met Joris from shapeways at makerfaire last year. He is a great guy!

  3. cindy says:

    I put these in a Shapeways shop but only for my own purchase. Just because it’s shaped for a custom circuit and not too useful for other purposes (unless you really really want one–then I will put it for sale!)

  4. J says:

    Why are you using shapeways and Google sketchup when you have Solidworks and the RPC at U of L?

  5. Jill Mackay says:

    Where did you get the conductive band? Also can you tell better how you powered this?

    Thank you!

  6. cindy says:

    Wow, a real (not robot) comment on an old post! Thank you for checking this out. The band on that one was made from a conductive flex circuit, I made this using a printer and etching but since have replaced it with this part that is more flexible, and it is powered by a small lithium polymer battery attached to a microcontroller at the end of the cable. (The microcontroller is a Parallax Propeller.)

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