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Laser Cut Gear Clock – with ChronoDot!

I just finished programming my gearclock that I showed off last week.  I added a Chronodot real time clock so it keeps perfect time!  I also wrote up an instructable here: so you can build your own.  I also have some stepper motors if you want to buy them from me (cheap!).  Put your Arduino to work!  Learn how to use the lasercutter!  Brian

Some more pics…

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4 Responses

  1. George Wagner says:

    Real cool, Brian.

    Can you post a video so we can see your gear-head clock in more detail and in action?


  2. [...] from Louisville’s LVL1 hackerspace sent in this laser cut gear clock that’s almost unlike any other clock we’ve seen before. [Brian] also put up a wonderful [...]

  3. Th3Trickster says:

    Wow looks awesome! Would love to see a video :)

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