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Makerfaire Workshop – February


What: Makerfaire Workshop – Glass Cutting; Make Reclaimed Glass Decor.
When: Wednesday, 28 February 2018, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Cost: $15

Sign up through Eventbrite (click here)

Join us to make those christmas-light stuffed wine bottles, art-decco tiles, or old salsa containers. How do they get a hole in the glass for the cord? How does one cut glass without it shattering? We’ll have all the equipment you need for cold glass working, plus electrical cords, plugs, and christmas light strings, to light up your project. Additionally, Scrap glass containers will be provided. Feel free to bring in some glass from home, and trade it in at the workshop.

What you need to bring: Glass container(s)
What you get: Lighted Glass Decor
Other materials supplied by LVL1: cords, plugs, rubber grommet, christmas lights, glass cutting and drilling tools.

You do not need to be a member of LVL1 to attend this workshop. In fact, visitors are encouraged! If it is your first visit to our space, you will need to sign our waiver of liability. (This is standard procedure for all LVL1 activities.)

Example lighted glass project from pintrest.

This is part of a series of monthly workshops co-hosted by LVL1 and Makerfaire Louisville on the 4th Wednesday of each month until MakerFaire Louisville this September.

Makerfaire Workshop – Glowing Cloud


What: Makerfaire Workshop – Glowing Cloud
When: Wednesday, 24 January 2018, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Cost: $42.63 ($40.00 + $2.63 Eventbrite fees)

Sign up through Eventbrite (click here).

Join us to make a colorful LED Cloud!

What you need to bring: One empty cardboard box approximately 12″x18″x16″ that will be the frame around which your cloud is constructed. We will have a small number of boxes on hand. (Also, if you don’t have one left over from your holiday shopping check at a local Home Depot, Lowes, or U-Haul store. An appropriate size costs between $1 & $2.)
What you get: One “kit” including a 5-meter LED colored light strip, a micro-controller, a wall plug power source, and polyfill.
Other materials supplied by LVL1: Tools, glue, pins, tape, etc.

You do not need to be a member of LVL1 to attend this workshop. In fact, visitors are encouraged! If it is your first visit to our space, you will need to sign our waiver of liability. (This is standard procedure for all LVL1 activities.)

A wonderful way to chase the winter grays away for you or a friend. When you leave you will have a cloud of your making that blinks in a pre-chosen pattern and a link to change your pattern. (Arduino training is not part of this class).

Our LED Cloud project is perfect for all sorts of spaces. It can be hung in a bedroom, or can set the mood for any type of Event.

In the class you will learn to take the box you bring to the class, attach the light strips, make the processor connections and cover with fill for a ready-to-hang colorful cloud light. Due to time constraints this class will focus on building the clouds, so we will pre-program the micro controllers, but we will have links to easy online programs so anyone can do it at home. If you want to get into Arduino programming, LVL1 offers classes throughout the year.

The Kit includes a 5 meter LED colored light strip, a wall plug power source, a micro-controller, and polyfill. We supply tools and attachment devices (glue, pins, tape). You need to supply a box.

One Kit covers a roughly 16″ by 18″ by 12″ box. If you want to make a larger cloud, you should buy 2 kits and bring a larger box.

Note: Kits are sold just around cost – these LED strips are expensive!

This is the first in a series of monthly workshops co-hosted by LVL1 and Makerfaire Louisville on the 4th Wednesday of each month until Louisville’s Maker Faire this fall.

1st Annual Maker Faire big success!


Lvl1 enjoyed the first annual Maker Faire, and it was exciting to see the public interact with our makers and projects on such a grand scale!  Good job everyone!


You can read  a summary and see photos/video on or at Make Magazine!


Thank you Maker Faire


This past weekend LVL1 traveled north en masse to The Henry Ford for 2011’s Maker Faire: Detroit. LVL1 would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all the staff and organizers who made this event possible. Great work!

We’d like to thank OmniCorp Detroit and i3 Detroit for their hospitality. Your members put in a lot of work to welcome spacers from all over the Midwest. A thousand thanks and in case you are wondering, we burned those pants.

Thank you to all the other spaces that we met and hung out with. Our spacer community is strong and is overflowing with goodwill. We love you all. If you find yourself in Louisville, our door is open and we’ll keep a soldering iron warmed up for you.

This was our first time there as a hackerspace (we’re only a year old), but we were well represented. LVL1 managed to spread ourselves out to 4 different exhibition areas!  There was the LVL1 table with ongoing hackerspace projects. White Star Balloon, our Pow-Pow-Powerwheels car “Steve” and Butterscotch: the fire-breathing robotic pony.

LVL1 was honored with the Maker Faire Editors Choice Awards for 3 entries.

White Star Balloon: It’s the little robotic balloon taking flight for a record-setting voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. Talk with this team for 5 minutes and your jaw will drop in awe when you hear how ambitious this project is. These intrepid hackers have worked tirelessly to overcome the challenges of an unmanned flight through the upper reaches of the jet stream. Automated ballast systems, cryogenic chambers, weather simulations, satellite communications, Mission Control, FAA comms and the list goes on and on. The team gets special props for designing a new dry ballast system from scratch, with only a week’s notice! Good hustle people! White Star Balloon is a triumph of citizen science, dogged engineering and flow charts. Congratulations, and we’ll see you on the other side of the Atlantic. Edit: WSB won 2 Editor’s Choice Awards.

Plasma Arc Speaker: It’s a speaker with a spark gap tweeter and it’s name is Thor. There’s nothing quite like the fidelity of a 6000V arc of plasma. Paul performed a tremendous week-long rush to get a new speaker housing built with upgraded contacts and high-voltage transformer. It was more trigonometry than he signed up for, but he pushed it through. Many visitors to the LVL1 table came by to rock out, see how it works and burn paper in the plasma arc. They had no idea how much danger they were in.

Butterscotch:  20% macabre skinned robotic pony child’s toy, 10% Wii nunchuck I2C debugging, 10% flame-thrower, and 60% safety afterthoughts. Your video was posted on BoingBoing with a representative sample of LVL1 membership. It deserves a Venn diagram of utilikilts, mohawks, and pink attire. Overlord Butterscotch is a fire-breathing pony who captured the hearts of thousands of makers, but only singed a few. Better luck next year! Edit: Butterscotch also received 2 Editor’s Choice Awards.

Again, thank you to everyone that made Detroit Maker Faire possible. See you in 2012!

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