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T-shirt Design: Call for Entries


lvl12016shirtcontestLVL1 is having a t-shirt design contest. We are looking for the newest LVL1 T-shirt design from you!!!  

In the past, our t-shirt designs have been submitted by members for fun and to support LVL1 and chosen by members, but this year, we are offering a $100 prize for the selected design!

How to enter:

Submit design through our secure online form below.

Deadline 4/29/2016 @ 11:59pm Eastern. 

Winner gets a free t-shirt and $100. We will also announce winner on our web site and at our weekly open house.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Should I submit a design: Winner’s will get bragging rights to put on their resume or portfolio, and the $100 prize. The design will be celebrated and worn to promote LVL1 while the t-shirt sales will raise funds.

Where is the $100 price coming from? The winning designer will be paid $100 from a donor. No LVL1 funds will be used for this prize.

What should be on the t-shirt design? LVL1 is the name of the organization and should be incorporated. Our previous slogan was “Lvl1: Probably safe.” You can use that or create a new one. We are a tech and creative workshop so visuals related to electricity, science, technology and creativity are good graphic ideas to include.

What type of shirt will be used for screen printing?  We will be using a high quality tri-blend such as the Bella Canvas.

How many submission can I enter? Unlimited!

How is the competition judged: Immediately after submission deadline, we will create a photo gallery on our Facebook page where people can “like” their favorite image. The image with the most “likes” at the end of the voting process will win.

Who owns the winning design? All artists retain the copyright to their own images, but the winner will be granting us an irrevocable license to print and use the design without any further monies due beyond the $100 prize.

What is LVL1: LVL1 is a makerspace where you can come in and make just about anything. We have a wood shop, metal shop, workroom, sewing stations, a classroom and a lot of equipment like 3D printers and laser cutters that are free to the community to come in and use when a member is present to let them in. Members pay a monthly fee to have badges to come and go as they please.  Lvl1 is dedicated to educating others about steam and the use of the equipment, so  many of our members offer workshops or are willing to teach you how to use equipment. You can look on the event calendar at to see up coming workshops, and join us Tuesday nights for orientation and meet and greet.

Who is making the t-shirts: Louisville t-shirt company Meme-Tech Screen Printing will be making the t-shirts.

What will LVL1 do with the t-shirts? Lvl1 will sell the t-shirts through an order and at the Flea Off Market to raise funds for LVL1’s ongoing activities and operations.   

What will LVL1 do with the funds from t-shirts? The funds will go into LVL1’s general operating funds to help cover bills or community activities. Community activities include having booths at festivals to tell people about our resources, offering free soldering workshops to young people at Idea Festivals, or hosting workshops and resources for educators who come to visit us.

Who can vote on the winning t-shirt:  Anybody with a Facebook profile can vote.

How can I vote on a design: About April 30, 2016 we will publish the entries on our Facebook page.

How much will a t-shirt cost:A t-shirt will cost between $15-20 depending on the complexity of the design & total number of colors in the design.

How will I receive my t-shirt: You can either pick them up  at the space or pay for shipping ($7 shipping & handling fee).  Picking them up at the space will be a great way to see the space you are supporting. 

Can I return my t-shirt: Unfortunately, we do not have the capability to handle refunds or returns.

Why should I buy a t-shirt: Because you’re awesome, and so are we. We offer a lot of free services and materials at the space and when we go out to festivals and communities, and we have to find ways to help fund that. You’ll get a really cool t-shirt and be supporting a really amazing cause.

Let’s Build a Fast Power Wheel!


LVL1 is entering the 2016 Power Racing League competition circuit to debut our own vehicle at the Maker Faire: Detroit.

In prior years, LVL1 has entered and won awards, accolades (and the shaking heads) of other entrants, judges and spectators.

Are you interested in learning how to hack a Power Wheel? Make it look great?  Then join us!

We meet 7:30 PM each Thursday at LVL1 to develop the plan and begin designing, building & testing.

Adults in Powerwheels you say?  YES!

Can’t join us but want to contribute? Donations help, every $10 donation helps us defray the cost of the trip & the cost of parts.  Donate today!

Previous entries have included a fully-functional fire truck, Steve the pink Mustang and Ivan Whiskey.


About the Power Racing League:

Raspberry Pi Workshop


Hey y’all, It’s Jared!

On Saturday, February 20th, 2016 @ 1:00 PM I will be running a Raspberry Pi Computer Workshop.

Bought a Raspberry Pi and never took it out of the box?

Bring it in early (@12:30 PM) and we’ll get you set up!

Own a Raspberry Pi and are comfortable booting?

Bring it at 1:00 PM and we’ll get started!

Don’t own a Pi and don’t want to buy one (yet)?

LVL1 has some onsite for you to use while you’re here!

Please sign up on the Eventbrite:

Please bring a computer with you to use during the class.

Questions? direct them to

Special thanks to a generous donation by V-Soft Consulting for the library of Raspberry Pi equipment:

This Raspberry Pi class made possible by a donation from V-Soft Consulting.  Based in Louisville with over 500 employees and locations across the U.S. V-Soft is transforming the landscape of IT across North America with next generation IT Solutions and Staffing for the enterprise.

Hack on!


***FREE*** ESP-01 (ESP8266) Workshop – Feb 11 7PM – 8:30PM


WiFi Serial Transceiver Module


Sign up here:

Learn how to add WiFi to your next electronics project using the dirt cheap and popular ESP-01 module (ESP8266)!

We will be providing the ESP-01 modules, FTDI modules, and other supporting hardware to teach the class, but you will NOT be able to take these home! However, if you want, you can purchase your own module from Amazon and bring it to the workshop. Pretty much any other ESP8266 module will do including the NodeMCU, Huzzah, and ESP-xx modules. Just make sure that if your module requires soldering, please assemble your module before the workshop. We won’t be doing any soldering as part of this workshop.

This workshop will be geared toward people who are at least a little familiar with an Arduino (enough to blink and LED and modify someone else’s code). Most of the programming we’ll go over will be in the LUA programming language and some in the C programming language. Don’t worry, you will not need any familiarity with these languages. However, you will need to know how to install FTDI drivers for your computer as well as how to find your COM port. Here’s a good start if you need help:

All you will need to do to attend this workshop is bring a laptop with the following software installed 

NodeMCU Flasher:

Esplorer (requires Java)

Arduino ESP8266 Plugin:

Also download the latest version of the NodeMCU firmware:


Sign up here:

LVL1 Hackerspace
1205 E. Washington St.
Louisville, KY 40206