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OpenSCAD Workshop

There will be another OpenSCAD workshop May 2nd at 8pm. This will be an intro class on how to use OpenSCAD to make functional drawings to print on the 3D printers. For those unfamiliar with OpenSCAD it is a 3D modeling program that uses scripts to define objects so you draw by writing code, not by using your mouse.

There are no signups or cost for this workshop, just show up with a laptop with OpenSCAD pre-installed and be ready to learn.

LVL1 Prusa Build Recap

This weekend, we were lucky enough to have Sonny Mounicou come up from Memphis to teach a workshop on building a Prusa i2 3D printer.  10 people were in attendance, and everyone walked out with a working 3D printer!

DSC_0551.JPGThe workshop was a grueling 24 hours, running from 8am to Midnight on day one, and 8am to 4pm the next day.  By the end of the workshop, though, everyone was slinging plastic!  Aaron was talented enough to be printing cubed gears after a mere 14 hours!

A big thanks to Jon from SeeMeCNC, who came in to help out with the workshop.  He also managed to sell a couple of printers while he was at the space! And an absolutely huge thanks to Gerrit, who kept us all fed throughout the event.  May no build-off ever go without catering.


Jon from SeeMeCNC (And his huge printer)


Gerrit, Keeping us all alive

Scroll past the break for more pictures of the event, but I’ll wrap it up here by saying that the build was a great event.  10 people in the LVL1 community got to build 3D printers, 2 more people bought 3D printers during the event, and our expertise for printers is growing.  This event even motivated some to start a Louisville-Area Thrug (3D Printer User Group).  If you’re interested in 3D printer, join the conversation here:!forum/kyin3dprinters

Until then, we’ll be hacking away at our printers.  For those who missed out, don’t despair: Sonny let us know that any time we can get 8-10 people together for a build, he’ll make the drive!

More pictures below the break.

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Code For America: Recap


Over the weekend LVL 1 was host to the Code for America hackathon.  We had a great turnout, there were 18 teams in all.

8500541353_954343be88 8501651162_eefe4c1b47


Everyone was hard at work to produce a working model or prototype of their idea within the time frame.

“The task is to design or prototype an app that helps improve the quality of life in our city,” Mayor Greg Fischer said. “No idea is too strange or too bold. We want to see interesting ideas and innovation at work.”

18 teams offered up some great ideas, from geolocating features in our parks, to a program to manage our power grid by tracking smart phone power usage. The ideas were judged by a 4 person panel and ultimately yielded 3 winners of $5000, $3000 and $2000 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The winning ideas and code will be used by the city to bring the ideas to life.

Congratulations to the winning teams:

First Place: Your Mapper

1st  Who created “Safety Check” an app for the smartphone.  This app allows the user to see the crimes reported in the area around them.  It also give a safety rating.  Other features of the included detail about certain crimes and a way to notify the nearest police station to report a crime.

Team members include Michael Schnuerle and Eric Roland

Second Place: Forest Giants

2nd Focusing on bike riding and cycling, this team created an app that would allow the user to easily find bike route around Louisville.  With this app the user could also record their time, speed and route. After each ride the user could then share with other riders to challenge or encourage.  Using GPS riders can find the closest bike loops, view details for each loop, and even allows you to take a picture and report loop hazards. The app could eventually help the city’s bike program determine what areas of town are most popular for rides which might determine where more infrastructure is needed for bike lanes and paths.

Team members include Dave Dveand, Chris Hawkins, Adam Richardson, Ryan Stemen and Ashleigh Chape

Third Place: Clean Up Team
3rdTheir app focused on cleaning up Louisville’s graffiti and trash by letting the user take a picture of an area they think needs to be cleaned up.  Their example: if you are walking down the street and see graffiti, you can snap a picture with the app, share it with others and using the power of Facebook, form a team and create an event to clean up and remove the graffiti.

Team members include Troy Harvey, Ashley Revlett, Charles Waddell and Steven Trentham

From reporting crime to cleaning the streets to getting out an seeing one or all of Louisville’s parks, one thing is for sure, Louisville has some bright citizens who want nothing but the best for their city and to be able to share it with all.


Project Introduction

It is time to leave an official note about my chosen Co-op project. First, my name is Eric, I am a Civil and Environmental Engineering student from Speed School. Immediately, the Hackerspace mainly appears to be electronically driven. A student of structural science may be intimidated, but I look to expand my knowledge.

My project is to construct a Structural Health Monitoring system that uses Arduinos and wireless sensors to transmit measured beam stress and strain. First, the prototype will utilize a laser guided, ultrasonic wave to measure elongation. The laser will also register on a photo-diode. The photo-diode represents laser angle, subsequently relating to possible torsion.  The data will be collected and sent to a regional server.  The regional server converts the transmission into data points for spreadsheet and plotting of stress/strain graph. This regular monitoring can predict deformation of existing structural beams before rupture.

Following a successful read, record and transmission with the Arduino, the next step will be wireless communication (including RF transmission of power). After wireless interface, the system will need to be overhauled for lowest possible power signals. These sensors need to be completely autonomous. This first prototype will act as a base module.  I hope to explore improving wireless capabilities and power supply.  Of the many applications I look to use the base module subterranean and monitor stress found in water mains.

Anyone interested in being apart of this project is welcome.  I can be reached at:


Movie Night At LVL1


Fridays movie night was Ghostbusters and we made ectoplasm.

There was a great turn out and some messy fun.

20130118_214850 20130118_214803 20130118_215204

Making purple ectoplasm

8393166733_65a19400d9_z 8394252138_8f8edb2cee_z 20130118_215421

Getting messy with a highlighter to make fluorescent.  As well as some green.

20130118_220342 20130118_220207

After this incident Garrett was not allowed to touch the ectoplasm any more.

Thanks to everyone that came out and see you next Friday.


For more photos head over to our Flickr page.

LVL1 RepRap Prusa Build-Off!

Prusa MendelLVL1 will soon be having its own RepRap Prusa Build-Off!  The RepRap Prusa is one of the most popular open-source 3D printers around, with a community and support to rival even the most popular of open-source printers.  If you’ve ever wanted a 3D printer, now’s your chance to learn how it’s put together, and walk out with one of your very own!  Sonny Mounicou will be hosting the workshop at LVL1, either March 9th/10th or March 16th/17th, depending on the availability of the attendees (that’s you!).  The cost is $950, with payments being made in installments between now and March.

If you want to get involved, your $100 deposit is due Tuesday, January 15th!  To sign up for the workshop, simply email Sonny at  He’ll respond with instructions on how to leave the deposit.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments here, or ask on our google group!

Happy Printing, everyone!


New 2013 Co-ops here!

We have FOUR spring 2013 Makership Co-ops from the Speed School at University of Louisville. In no particular order
the Co-ops & Projects Are:

Nolan Park: Power Wheels regenerative braking system

Eric Cutler: Sensors embedded in buildings and infrastructure

Michael Dorsey: Gaming console with a modified display/controller

Matthew Barnes: A new Java-based game

3 New Makerships!!

We are offering not one, not two, but THREE new Makerships for fall / winter 2012-2013! Through private donations from the LVL1 community, we have raised funds to award $100 of project financing and 3 months of LVL1 membership to THREE worthy makers!

The Makership recipient gets $100 for project materials like arduinos, sensors, electronic components, laser cutter materials, conductive fabric, EL wire, software, books, 3D printer filament, tools, bits, odds, ends or whatever else you might need.

The LVL1 membership gives you access to our 40W laser cutter, Makerbot Replicator 3D printers, woodworking tools, electronics tools, metal mill, computers, electronic surplus and much more.


A Makership is a $100 project stipend and 3 months worth of LVL1 membership dues awarded to an individual in the Louisville area. We recognize that potential makers with limited financial resources often are unable to afford any membership rates- no matter what the discount might be. Similarly, the cost of materials to develop a cool project can be just out of reach to those strapped for cash. Our makership program seeks to eliminate these financial hurdles and get makers making!

We award our makerships to applicants who can put together the best pitch for (1) what they want to make and (2) how they plan to do it. Your project could be anything from an electronic gadget, to an open source software project, to a citizen science project, to a fire-breathing robotic pony, or (hopefully) a project we haven’t imagined. We want LVL1 to be the place where these things are made! LVL1 makerships are open to anyone whom could benefit from our community and resources to make something great.

For more information on applying for a LVL1 Makership click here.

Do you want to see this Makership program succeed? You can help LVL1 provide more Makerships with a small donation of $5/mo. We will announce a new Makership as soon as the donation funds make a new one available! Click the Paypal donate button below to contribute to a Makership:

The 3rd annual Sumobot signup sheet is out. You can fill it out online:

You can read about the Sumobot competition here

There are loads of links and information about sumobots on that page. IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO MAKE A BOT!

Also there is a costume party that night so be sure to dress up!

3rd Annual Sumobot Tournament and Halloween Party 10/27/12

ANNOUNCING – LVL1′s 3rd annual Sumobot tournament will be on Saturday October 27th, 2012, 8PM at 814e Broadway (our home). There will be a Halloween party following the fun. All are welcome to join in the festivities. You have 6 weeks to build your bot. There will be prizes and eternal glory!

The rules and loads of information about how to make your own bot are on our wiki page

Sumobots are a good project if you are looking to prove your engineering powers.  There are also several kits on the Internet that are fun to build!

Print a poster and post it at your favorite coffee shop: Sumo 2012 Poster

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