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Intro to Beekeeping Workshop! 5/29 7-9pm

Giant Bee Workshop


Lots and lots of cool stuff going on at LVL1 lately!  Our very own Todd Welsh will be teaching an Introduction to Beekeeping workshop on May 29th, from 7 to 9pm!  Todd has been beekeeping for several years, but not long enough to lose touch with the challenges of being a beginner.  He’ll help us all get through the initial hump of understanding bees.

This workshop is free, but you should RSVP (there are only 15 seats!) at Eventbrite, located here:

Come down to LVL1 on May 29th and learn how to keep your own army of flying, stinging, honey-producing minions!

LVL1 Sketchup Workshop – June 4th, 6-8pm

Sketchup Title

Are you as enthralled by 3D printing as the rest of us?  Have you had trouble finding or learning the currently available 3D design tools?  Then you should come to LVL1 on June 4th, from 6 to 8pm, and take the LVL1 Sketchup Workshop!  Sketchup is a free 3D design tool, used by everyone from artists, to engineers, to architects.  This tool allows you to create 3D models, which you can then take and print on one of the two LVL1 3D printers.

Like many of us, John Pagyga was immediately taken by the idea of 3D printing.  As a landscape architect, he has already adapted sketchup into his daily routine, so he was able to translate those skills into near-immediate 3D printing prowess.  He’d like to share these skills with others in the LVL1 community.  On June 4th, from 6 to 8pm (immediately preceding one of our regular Tuesday meetings), he’ll be teaching a workshop about the ins and outs of Sketchup in a 3D printing context.  Come on down, and learn you a 3D design tool!

You can sign up now using Eventbrite:

Seating is limited to 15, so sign up now and sign up often!  This is a pay-what-you-want workshop, with all proceeds going to LVL1.  Eventbrite imposes a $0.99 minimum, but anything above that goes!

If you’ve got any questions, email, or pop over to our mailing list!

LVL1 TV-B-Gone Workshop 7/15/2013


On Monday, July 15th, at 7pm, LVL1 will be hosting a solder your own TV-B-Gone workshop!  The TV-B-Gone is a great way to introduce yourself to soldering, and hacker culture.  This device will turn off over 230 TVs, from over 100 feet away.  Great fun for the sports bar or electronics store.

Sign ups are here:

Only 10 seats are available, so sign up now, reserve your spot, and come down to LVL1 on Monday, July 15th.  You need only bring yourself, everything needed is included in the workshop price of $25!

LVL1 is now a 501(c)3 Organization!

LVL1 501(c)3 HeaderAs many of you are no doubt aware, after almost two years of paperwork, negotiating, and discussions with the IRS, LVL1 is now a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization!  This means LVL1 can now accept tax-deductible donations of money and physical items!

This has been an absolutely huge undertaking, from Joe P., filling out our first application, to Chris C. and Mark E. fighting for us every step and speed bump in the road, to Tim M. putting together a donation form and incorporating the responsibility of keeping 501(c)3 records into the office of the treasurer. Everyone in the LVL1 community owes these fine folks (and many more!) their due.

This goal comes with its fair share of responsibility, though.  Each and every one of us in the LVL1 community are responsible for maintaining the requirements of the 501(c)3 code.  We’ve put together a short page here with some rough guidelines:  As always, if you have any questions concerning our 501(c)3 status, please feel free to email  The long and short is this: follow the guidelines on the wiki, fill out the appropriate paperwork, mark items donated with a 501(c)3 receipt as 501(c)3 donations, and DO NOT remove 501(c)3 donated items from LVL1.  These items are now LVL1 property!

Again, HUGE thanks to everyone involved in making this happen over the years.  Let’s use this to our advantage, spacers! I’m looking at you, folks who have an employer match on 501(c)3 donations!

Scheduling Fail, OpenSCAD Workshop cancelled

So I fail horribly at scheduling, all the streets leading up to LVL1 are all blocked by the Pegasus Parade. I knew something was wrong when people started calling me to park at my place and walk to LVL1. Consequently the OpenSCAD workshop will need to be rescheduled. I will be here tonight (mostly to avoid going back through the crowd to leave) in case anyone was dead set on learning OpenSCAD tonight but the official workshop will be moved to a later date.

Simple Science Experiment (for the easily amused!)

It’s probably no secret by now that I am easily amused, but I wasn’t the only one entertained by Ben Douglas’ dry ice set up at the meeting this past Tuesday. With dry ice, soap bubbles and hot water, he created a fun round of bubble popping for everyone. The bubbles squish into clouds of smoke – like magic!


I’ve made a video for my Youtube Channel in case you missed it. Seems like this would be great for science fair projects for young kids. Watch the Video Here.



Vogt Awards deadline May 17th


The Vogt Awards in Louisville are accepting applications for their 2013 round! The organizers have been really inspired by LVL1′s emergence in Louisville. This year they’ve refocused the prize back to Henry Vogt Heuser’s original vision: hardware and manufacturing start-ups. LVL1 also has 2 members serving as mentors for the participants.



  • $20k in seed funding
  • Access to cutting edge prototyping and manufacturing tools
  • Mentorship in technology, engineering and business
  • 10-week Course in Manufacturing and Lean Startup
  • Connections with investors, partners, suppliers, and customers
  • Demo Day with chance to win an additional $100k
  • More information and application form at

    Henry Vogt Heuser, who died in 1999, was an exemplary corporate citizen and a gifted inventor and entrepreneur. He was a native of Louisville who spent his entire career working for Henry Vogt Machine Company, including 28 years as its president. Whenever Henry had an idea about how to make something better, quicker, or easier, all he had to do was walk out to the shop floor to assess its viability and commercial potential. The endowment he created to establish this award will allow engineers and entrepreneurs to access the same kinds of resources.

    The Vogt Award is intended not only to memorialize Henry’s legacy, but also to inspire more inventors to pursue their goals right here in Louisville.

    Other things of note:

  • This is an endowment prize which has existed since 1999. That means, unlike most accelerators, they take absolutely no equity.
  • You get access to the University of Louisville’s Rapid Prototyping Center for your product development needs. This means you can do things like 3D print 20 micron layer objects in stainless steel, cobalt chromium and titanium. There’s a list of equipment and facilities at the University of Louisville’s Rapid Prototyping Center website.
  • Louisville is home to Worldport, the world-wide UPS shipping hub. You can ship and receive items globally faster and cheaper here than from anywhere else in the US.
  • Please pass this around to other hackers, makers, hackerspaces, and engineers!

    MOSSCon 2013!


    LVL1 is lucky enough to play hosts to the folks at the Kentucky Open Source Society (, and many of them have become hugely involved members of the larger LVL1 community.  Lately, some of the guys from KYOSS have been working on MOSSCon, the Midwest Open Source Conference.  We’re proud that LVL1 could play a small part in getting Louisville’s first open source conference off the ground.  If you’re someone who’s interested in Open Source Software, this is an event to attend.  It’s going to take place May 18th-19th, and early-bird registration is open now!

    Here’s the full scoop on MOSSCon:

    MOSSCon 2013

    Free & Open Source Software has, for years, brought together the best and brightest developers to produce software products that rival, on every level, the proprietary solutions with massive marketing budgets behind them. Online, the community grows everyday; more and more, businesses of all sizes are realizing the power that open source solutions give their operation; off-line, the open source community is scattered.

    MOSSCon (Midwest Open Source Software Conference) brings together these developers, product managers, users, businesses, thought leaders, educators, and more to network and learn about the newest advancements in open source products, and the benefits these products provide to the operation of these businesses. Through a combination of sessions, keynotes, workshops, exhibit space, and networking times, MOSSCon delivers the perfect venue to reach, meet, and mingle with the Open Source Community.

    MOSSCon team is looking forward to create an event that the entire Open Source Software community can benefit from! Available to both the general public and the technical community, with the lowest price possible, this conference will be offering the attendees: 22 presentations and 6 workshops from 19 local and regional speakers. Big players in today’s OSS community (Apache Software Foundation, CISCO, RedHat, Mozilla, Eucalyptus etc) covering topics in areas such as security, hight performance computing, cloud systems, web and mobile development, open government data, maps and much more!

    MOSSCon is a community driven conference; “By the people, for the people” as we like to say it, organized for the first time in Kentucky by KYOSS (Kentucky Open Source Software Society) and a group of enthusiasts who share the same vision that the software should be Free and Open to the community to develop and adapt it to their needs. A group of enthusiasts of all age groups that is established to promote software freedom, open source software, free culture and open knowledge, a global movement that originally started more than 25 years ago.


    For more info, please visit:
    Hashtag: #mosscon13

    OpenSCAD Workshop

    There will be another OpenSCAD workshop May 2nd at 8pm. This will be an intro class on how to use OpenSCAD to make functional drawings to print on the 3D printers. For those unfamiliar with OpenSCAD it is a 3D modeling program that uses scripts to define objects so you draw by writing code, not by using your mouse.

    There are no signups or cost for this workshop, just show up with a laptop with OpenSCAD pre-installed and be ready to learn.

    LVL1 Prusa Build Recap

    This weekend, we were lucky enough to have Sonny Mounicou come up from Memphis to teach a workshop on building a Prusa i2 3D printer.  10 people were in attendance, and everyone walked out with a working 3D printer!

    DSC_0551.JPGThe workshop was a grueling 24 hours, running from 8am to Midnight on day one, and 8am to 4pm the next day.  By the end of the workshop, though, everyone was slinging plastic!  Aaron was talented enough to be printing cubed gears after a mere 14 hours!

    A big thanks to Jon from SeeMeCNC, who came in to help out with the workshop.  He also managed to sell a couple of printers while he was at the space! And an absolutely huge thanks to Gerrit, who kept us all fed throughout the event.  May no build-off ever go without catering.


    Jon from SeeMeCNC (And his huge printer)


    Gerrit, Keeping us all alive

    Scroll past the break for more pictures of the event, but I’ll wrap it up here by saying that the build was a great event.  10 people in the LVL1 community got to build 3D printers, 2 more people bought 3D printers during the event, and our expertise for printers is growing.  This event even motivated some to start a Louisville-Area Thrug (3D Printer User Group).  If you’re interested in 3D printer, join the conversation here:!forum/kyin3dprinters

    Until then, we’ll be hacking away at our printers.  For those who missed out, don’t despair: Sonny let us know that any time we can get 8-10 people together for a build, he’ll make the drive!

    More pictures below the break.

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