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May 13, 2016 Dollar Store MacGyver Hackathon


I’d Hack That For a Dollar


Once again LVL1 will host a Dollar Store hackathon honoring MacGyver.  The rules are simple.  Several members will go to dollar stores to collect supplies.  These supplies will be chosen at random and independent of one another.  The high quality offerings will then be piled on a table.  Individuals and teams will then hack together what they want in the hopes of showing off their skills or preventing Armageddon in the nick of time.  No entrance fee.  Various food parts will be available for assembly.  And the Coca Cola will flow.

Last time the event was held, this was the result : 1st Dollar Store MacGyver Hackathon

Irregular movie night will be running in parallel.  There will likely be episodes of MacGyver and MacGruber playing.

So now is your chance to mullet your way into a LVL1 hackathon.  Hackathon begins at 7:00 pm and ends about midnight.


2016 T-shirt: Vote by Thursday May 5 Midnight


Judgment day is here and T-shirt submissions are in. This year we broke the record for T-shirt design entries and it’s all because of YOU! Now continue to be apart of LVL1 history and pick your 3 favorite submissions using our form below, and check out the photo album on Facebook of ALL the T-shirt submissions. Look below for our FAQ and Rules on voting.

  • Rules for voting
  • Only one form should be filled out per person
  • You must include your email address to verify your vote
  • You must be 12 years of age or older
  • Any violation of these stated rules can result in you not being included in the fun

FAQ for T-shirt voting contest
Q: How do I vote?
A: Visit this voting page

Q: I can’t see big enough images, are there bigger ones?
A: Yes, this page contains large images of all the entries.

Q: Who can vote?
A: Anyone over the age of twelve years old may vote. This includes members of LVL1 and non-members of LVL1

Q: When can I vote?
A: You can vote between Monday 12:00pm 05/02/2016-Tuesday 11:59pm 05/05/2016

Q: How many times can I vote?
A: You should only vote once, voting more that once can result in your vote being removed

Q: How do I know my vote has been counted?
A: You will receive a thank you email confirmation letting you know that your vote has been submitted.

Q: How do I find out the results?
A: The Winner will be announced Tuesday 05/10/2016 @ our 8PM Open Meeting & Making at 1205 East Washington St. Louisville Ky 40206 and then will be added to our LVL1 members and non member blog along with a Facebook announcement. So if you want to be the first to know then come to the space and join the fun!

Q: Can I vote by using my cell phone?
A: Yes follow the same instructions that you would on the computer

Q: How do I vote using a cell phone?
A: Follow the same instructions that you would on the computer

Q: I am having trouble voting who do I contact?
A: If you are having trouble submitting your vote please feel free to contact
Ali at Alikhushubcollection@gmail.com

Voting has ended! We will announce the winning design during our regular 8PM meeting on Tuesday, May 10, 2016. We will then open up orders!

Flugtag Interest Meeting & Planning


If you haven’t heard, Louisville is hosting the RedBull Flugtag competition in August 2016. LVL1 is opening our doors for a team to build an entry. We’ll be hosted by Josh who has competed in the 2014 Flugtag competition in Chicago as part of the Louisville team.

Join us Noon, Saturday, April 30, 2016 at 1205 E Washington Street for a brief meeting to see interest and decide next steps.  Free & open to the public.


We need designs, leaders, builders, artists and anyone else interested in building a great flying machine to be flown into the Ohio River come August.

Tons of fun, great way to learn and hopefully keep the winning crown in Louisville!

Details on the event, rules, FAQ: http://www.redbullflugtag.com/usa-louisville/en/