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Arduino 101 Workshop – May 21, 12PM – 4PM


Learn the basics of Arduino and how to leverage this embedded platform for your next electronics project. We’ll cover how to control LEDs, motors, and communicate with a variety of sensors using the Arduino IDE. We’ll also cover general electronics topics including voltage and current and basic components like resistors and capacitors. We’ll provide the Arduino and other electrical components, but you cannot take them home with you. If you want a set, I’ll make recommendations at the workshop.

Sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/arduino-101-workshop-tickets-25200230568

What you need to do before the workshop:

1. Load your laptop with the latest Arduino IDE installed (https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software) and bring it with you\

2. Brush up on C or other programming languages, just enough to be familiar with the big ideas (e.g. variables, loops, if-statements).

3. Get excited, you’re about to learn some really awesome stuff ūüôā

MacGyver Dollar Store May 13, 2016 Reminder



This Friday’s Hackathon is MacGyver Dollar Store night.¬† Come by and save the world.¬† Food will be provided¬†for those on time and regret for those late.¬†¬†The Coca Cola will flow.

2016 T-shirt Contest Results


Thank you so much to everyone who submitted designs to our T-shirt contest. We have put the designs to a vote, and a winner has been chosen. Congratulations to Daniel Johnsen for winning our 2016 T-shirt design contest. Enjoy the $100.

2016 T-shirt order form, deadline 11:59 PM Tuesday, May 24, 2016. Women & Men sizes available in 3 colors each.


The winning design will be printed on our t-shirts. You can choose your size from multiple styles and colors and get a hip shirt for just $20 while supporting LVL1.

While you’re ordering yours, convince your friends and families to drink the kool aid and grab one while they can.

2016 T-shirt order form

May 13, 2016 Dollar Store MacGyver Hackathon


I’d Hack That For a Dollar


Once again LVL1 will host a Dollar Store hackathon honoring MacGyver.  The rules are simple.  Several members will go to dollar stores to collect supplies.  These supplies will be chosen at random and independent of one another.  The high quality offerings will then be piled on a table.  Individuals and teams will then hack together what they want in the hopes of showing off their skills or preventing Armageddon in the nick of time.  No entrance fee.  Various food parts will be available for assembly.  And the Coca Cola will flow.

Last time the event was held, this was the result : 1st Dollar Store MacGyver Hackathon

Irregular movie night will be running in parallel.  There will likely be episodes of MacGyver and MacGruber playing.

So now is your chance to mullet your way into a LVL1 hackathon.  Hackathon begins at 7:00 pm and ends about midnight.