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Ruby on Rails Workshop Thurs 5/12 6:30pm


LVL1 and the Louisville Digital Association are proud to present the next Idea to Execution Workshop hosted at LVL1 Hackerspace, this Thursday 5/12 at 6:30pm. The topic this time is Ruby on Rails AKA RoR.

In keeping with the collaborative nature of our Idea to Execution workshops, the evening opens led by Ernie Miller with a short talk that focuses on making the business case for employing web development using RoR along with some best practices every business or tech lead should know. In the latter portion, attendees get their hands dirty working on RoR code.

Be sure to grab your ticket now and learn what you tools you’ll need. Seating is limited!

OpenSCAD Workshop 5/4


Intro to OpenSCAD

This Wednesday at 7pm we’ll be hosting a Intro to OpenSCAD workshop. If you’ve been wanting to make stuff on the MakerBot but didn’t know where to start, this is the class to attend! OpenSCAD is a free open source 3D modeling program that uses scripting instead of your typical graphical elements. While editing text files to do anything graphical is counter intuitive at first it can be very quick and effective once you learn the basics. (It also works a lot better on small notebook screens)

This class will focus on creating simple 3D models with only a few key dimensions. When prototyping a part only a handful of dimensions actually matter and the rest are derived somehow from those key dimensions. For example, when making a coupling to fit two pipes together the outer diameter of the coupler doesn’t matter, only the inner diameter and wall thickness of the coupler do. Instead of manually setting the outer diameter OpenSCAD allows dimensions to be derived from formulas (in this case, inner_diameter+2*wall) so that when one of the key dimensions is updated the rest of the part updates automatically.

I will also cover importing and using drawings from Thingiverse (why reinvent the wheel when you can copy someone elses?) and the basics of using the MakerBot for those who wish to print their drawings/test their patience.

Computer with OpenSCAD (we have a few people can use, but not too many)
Basic Algebra
Trig is optional but very helpful
$5 Attendance fee (will go towards LVL1)

Car-B-Gone workshop TODAY


We are having a Car-B-Gone workshop at the space this afternoon. Sorry we did not get the Eventbright announcement up. Just show up to build your very own Car-B-Gone tonight at 8-ish. If you do not know what a Car-B-Gone is… it is another fine Mitch Altman project. Read about it here

Following the Car-B-Gone workshop will be the ever popular Beer-B-Gone workshop. Hope to see everyone there.


Android Game Development Workshop 3/23


Andy Funston is teaching a workshop on Android Game Development!

He’ll be covering 2d game programming in Android. In this workshop you’ll roll up a simple platformer, simple AI, etc. Cover the main ideas, getting touch events, etc.

It’s suggested that you have software programming experience and in particular a *basic* knowledge of Android programming and it’s IDE.

Come to the workshop with your laptop with the Eclipse IDE installed, along with the Android SDK.

LVL1 Hackerspace
1205 E. Washington St.
Louisville, KY 40206