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Solar Energy Solutions this Sunday!

This is just a reminder to everyone that Denis Oudard, a Project Manager from Solar Energy Solutions, will be at the space this Sunday Oct. 17th at 6PM to give a presentation about solar power systems. He will be hanging around to answer any questions that you may have about grid tied and standalone alternative energy setups, so if you’ve ever thought about a setup like this for your home or business, this would be a great time to ask questions and get some free answers.

I hope everyone can make it!

See you all on Sunday!

IEEE Soldering Workshop

LVL1 and the IEEE Louisville Student Section are happy to announce that LVL1 will be hosting the University of Louisville IEEE and their soldering workshop.

This soldering workshop will take place at 1PM on October, 16th, at LVL1 (814 E. Broadway).  This workshop will bring in 15 Electrical Engineering students from the University, with 5 walk-in seats held for the LVL1 community.  These seats are first-come, first-serve, and the cost will be $10.

Students in this workshop will be soldering together a small variable frequency sound generator based on a 555 timer IC.  Students will learn basic thru-hole soldering skills, wiring components to perfboard.

The IEEE Louisville Student Section is a University Student Organization which serves as a professional and social network for Electrical Engineering students at the University of Louisville.

Solar Energy Technology Presentation

Denis Oudard, a project manager from Solar Energy Solutions in Crestwood, KY will be coming to LVL1 on Sunday, October 17th at 6PM to give a presentation about the various components of home solar energy systems.

This should be an interesting presentation for anyone interested in renewable energy systems.  I have asked Denis to show examples of Grid-Tied systems and Standalone systems, but if anyone has any other specific requests for the presenter, please feel free to email me and I will relay the message.

Contact Mic Workshop hosted by CMKT 4

Circuit-bending rock band CMKT 4 will be in town for a workshop on contact mics. They manufacture and sell bottle cap contact mics and plan to show how they do it. Bring cash if you want to purchase materials.

From CMKT 4:

We are circuit-bending rock band CMKT 4. We manufacture and sell bottle cap contact mics. We teach workshops about the process we use to make our microphones.

We price the workshops at $15 per person, which includes materials and instruction. Additional DIY kits are available at $10 apiece. We’ll also have finished mics for sale. We encourage people to bring instruments to which to add a piezo pickup or they can make a stand-alone model for use on various instruments.

LVL1 Events this Weekend

This weekend is filled with awesome events LVL1 is a part of.

Friday is Actor’s Theatre of Louisville rooftop concert. We are labeled as AWESOMENESS on the flyer. Several members of LVL1 will be showing off projects at the event. There will be bands, art, music and a cash bar on the roof of the Actor’s Theatre parking garage.

Saturday afternoon between 1pm and 5pm we will be hosting Mitch Altman and Jimmie Rodgers for their traveling electronics workshop. Mitch and Jimmie are currently touring Midwest hackerspaces, teaching electronics and soldering to anyone interested *for free*. Mitch is the inventor of the TV-B-Gone, Trip Glasses, a founder of Noisebridge in San Francisco, widely regarded as a pioneer of Virtual Reality and all around cool guy. Jimmie Rodgers is a full time hacker, maker and circuit bender. He sells kits for Open Heart v2.0, Atari Punk Console and LoL shield. Instruction is free and they are selling kits for attendees to build *at cost of materials* in the $10-$30 range. LVL1 is excited to have them!

And this Sunday night at the Rudyard Kipling I will be performing my homemade synthesizers in my band Nzambi.

And Yet Another Workshop

Learn to Solder with Mitch Altman and Jimmie Rodgers

August 14, 1PM-5PM
Mitch Altman, founder of the hackerspace NoiseBridge in San Franciso, and Jimmie Rodgers, creator of the LOL Shield, will be holding a learn to solder class at LVL1! Come by to learn a useful and fun skill. Several kits will be available in the $15-$30 range for your building pleasure. This class is appropriate for all ages. Bring your kids with you and introduce them to the wonderful world of electronics.

Another Upcoming Workshop

We’ve got another workshop planned for August.   On Saturday, the 21st. LVL1 will be hosting the “Beyond Arduino” workshops, extending your knowledge of microcontrollers and physical computing.

Info and Registration

At least some knowledge of Arduino and/or C programming and elementary electronics is highly recommended as a prerequisite for this course.

2 Upcoming LVL1 Workshops

We have two new workshops scheduled for August.

Saturday August 7th we’re doing another soldering your own Freeduino workshop.

Info and registration

And then…

Saturday August 28th we’re doing another TV-B-Gone soldering workshop.

Info and registration

Freeduino Spring training materials

I have put the materials on line for the Freeduino Spring Training class if you want to take a look. In these lessons you will find sample circuits for most of the things you might want to do with your Freeduino/Arduino. All of the code examples work and are debugged. Enjoy!


Freeduino Spring Training Workshop

LVL1 is proud to announce it’s latest class- the Freeduino Spring Training Workshop. Time and place is May 18, 2010 from 7-10 pm at the U of L Speed School Room 210. This workshop will help you learn the skills to be able to play with that shiny Arduino or Freeduino that you have been dying to figure out! Our coaches will step you through building several fun circuits that demonstrate how to interface your Arduino with LED’s, LCD’s, switches, sensors, potentiometers, motors and sound. After taking this class, you should be able to breadboard a circuit and then program your Arduino. We know this class will be a GRAND SLAM!

The cost of the workshop is $50 ($80 if you need a Freeduino). Besides the world class instruction, you will get your very own breadboard, several LED’s (even a tri-colored one), a cool blue LCD display, a temperature sensor, a photo sensor, several switches, many resistors (with brightly colored bands!), a few potentiometers, a motor and a speaker… everything you need to batter up!

OK, enough with the cheezy baseball references. This highly requested workshop will be just what you need to get started learning electronics, bit-banging, embedded computer interfacing and programming. It is sure to be a h.. good time.

Sign up is easy. GO HERE!

Here is a copy of the flyer if you would like to read it, or post it somewhere. Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Events


814 East Broadway