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Video of LVL1′s TV-B-Gone workshop

LVL1 Electronic Mischief Workshop

Saturday March 27th LVL1 is putting on an Electronic Mischief Soldering workshop. We’ll be building TV-B-Gones and a surprise kit for computer pranks. Register online at eventbrite at the link below.

I built an Elmo!

For those of you who do not know… and Elmo is a document camera. Basically what I did here is I took an old security camera (from a dome) that was abandoned and re purposed it with some pvc pipe and wood, etc.

I had to rewire the camera to a 12v wall wart plug and also change the composite video out to an RCA jack. I mounted the camera on the end of a piece of PVC pipe attached to some scrap wood. The pink thing on the top of the Elmo is a plastic gum container that is holding a circuit board that is needed for the camera. It is there for protection and is screwed to the pvc pipe. Not pretty, but functional.

The whole thing does work and produces a nice clean video signal that I can output to a projector. I hope to be able to use it for LVL1′s Freeduino soldering classes. The only problem with it is that it shows skin tones and tans as a green color. I think this has to do with the white balance or something.

Solder your own Freeduino Feb. 27th

UPDATE: SOLD OUT on Feb. 14th.


If it’s sold out and you want to attend, never fear there will be more coming soon! These workshops are proving to be very successful and we’ll keep doing them as long as there’s interest. Keep watching the calendar on this blog and the Google Group for more info!

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