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Urban Chicken Husbandry


With winter showing signs of weakness it is time to look forward to spring.  There are a lot of people in the LVL1 community that have interest in urban agriculture and we plan to offer a few talks and events based around this through out the year.  This season will start out with a talk on keeping chickens in an urban environment.  This talk is meant to give anyone with an interest in keeping chickens a better understanding of what it will take along with the pros and the cons.  This is a free event that is open to the public so come out and meet with interesting people and chickens alike.

Chicken Husbandry

Sunday February the 27th


LVL1 Hackerspace

February Freeduino Frenzy Workshop 2/13


Greetings –

February Freeduino Frenzy is a workshop that will happen on Feb 13, 2011. It will consist of several experiments that will teach the student how to do basic circuits and coding on the Freeduino (Arduino) platform. Some of the projects will closely follow the Spring Training from the Spring of ’10, some of the projects are brand new! Sign up and lean valuable skill on how to use and program your Freeduino.

You will need to bring a laptop and a Freeduino or Arduino or clone. Do not sign up if you do not have a laptop or Freeduino! You will need the laptop to program the Freeduino.

If you can, please download and install the Arduino Programming Software on your laptop as described here. That would save some time.

BTW – this is called a Frenzy because I know I have too much stuff packed into an afternoon. All of my instructions will remain online so you can revisit them whenever you want. I hope we will make it through everything – but no promises.

Brian Wagner 1/31/11

More Info Here!

Android Development Workshop 2/16


LVL1 will be hosting an Android development workshop on Feb. 16th you can sign up one the Eventbright page. Previous programming experience is highly recommended.

  • 7:00pm – Meet and greet, Eclipse and Android SDK help.
  • 7:30pm – Mobile app case lessons presentation from Jay Garmon
  • 8:00pm – LVL1 Android Development Workshop led by Mike Borsuk
    • Android intro / history / OS architecture overview
    • API overview
    • Development tools overview / setup
    • Build / deploy ‘Hello World’ sample app to emulator and device
    • Give users choice of a few sample apps to build and deploy, help with customizations for interested users
    • Optional: display and discuss a custom hardware platform running running android as well as some commodity devices running custom Android builds

For any questions about this workshop please email

Freeduino Workshop 1/29/2011


Learn soldering and basic Arduino programming in this workshop. The cost of this workshop also covers the materials cost for a freeduino microcontroller kit. Your assembled Freeduino is yours to keep! Use the vast open resources of the Arduino community to come up with your own electronic applications. This workshop is intended to teach you necessary skills for further exploration in the world of Arduino.

Limited Seating!

More information and registration here!

LVL1 Hackerspace
1205 E. Washington St.
Louisville, KY 40206