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Synth Resurrection

Last thursday night, a tragic event occurred. My bandmate's Nord Lead 2 synthesizer darted in front of a car and was run over. Crushed, mangled and inoperational.


He brought the wreckage over to my place Friday night. I worked a little synth triage and was able to get it banged out and functioning. Some hammering, superglue, resoldering to a busted power supply and it lives again!


I'm calling it the Nord Bleed. It's completely operational and playable. The high C key was pulverized beyond repair, so I left it off. I need to source some replacement potentiometers and knobs. The are all 100ohm pots, but have an uncommon 4mm D-shaft I haven't found a replacement for yet. Once the bent and snapped pots are replaced it will be 100% tweakable again. I have much respect for the Swedes at Clavia and their roadworthy (literally) engineering.

2 thoughts on “Synth Resurrection

  1. Mike

    Have you been able to get your hands on those replacement knobs? I've been looking online and can't find them anywhere. I called Clavia's American Supplier and they said that they don't sell to individuals, only authorized Nord Sellers. It has been difficult to find these knobs anywhere. Any luck?

  2. Christopher

    No I haven't found knobs or pots. American Music and Sound is the Clavia American supplier I contacted and they simply ignored my requests. This service situation reflects poorly on Clavia. I should be able to buy these parts *somewhere*.

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