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The Fifty Dollar Sumobot, Part II

As you may have read on a prior post, Brian and I are looking to create a $50 mini-sumobot to "A" see if its possible, and "B" share our results with other hackers out there, especially new ones that are considering building a low budget bot.  We will be providing our data, design and source code to any who want to see it.  This post is to outline the parameters of the project.

Before we can get started, we want to establish some parameters with regard to our design.  This design should hopefully meet the following requirements:


  • Cost $50 or less. <Note to self, avoid spec creep, avoid spec creep....>
  • Price items of what they can buy online or easily at a local hardware or electronics store.
  • Avoid surplus item purchases, since these items may not be there for long.
  • Cost will not include small screws or other small items that can be readily found in your tinker pile.
  • Cost only includes what goes in the ring.  Cables and or computers used to program not included in price since these are considered tools.
Proposed Bot Specs
  • Have 2 independently controlled motors with wheels
  • Be Arduino based or Arduino compatible.
  • Have a minimum of 2 edge sensors
  • Have at least one forward seeking sensor.
  • Have 2 power sources, one for the brain and the other for the brawn.

Brian has some excellent ideas on how to acheive this effectively, stay tuned for future posts on the fifty dollar sumobot.

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