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Ruby on Rails Workshop Thurs 5/12 6:30pm

LVL1 and the Louisville Digital Association are proud to present the next Idea to Execution Workshop hosted at LVL1 Hackerspace, this Thursday 5/12 at 6:30pm. The topic this time is Ruby on Rails AKA RoR.

In keeping with the collaborative nature of our Idea to Execution workshops, the evening opens led by Ernie Miller with a short talk that focuses on making the business case for employing web development using RoR along with some best practices every business or tech lead should know. In the latter portion, attendees get their hands dirty working on RoR code.

Be sure to grab your ticket now and learn what you tools you’ll need. Seating is limited!

8 thoughts on “Ruby on Rails Workshop Thurs 5/12 6:30pm

  1. William Engebretson

    I wish you made the time as prominent as the date. It took quite a bit of searching to find the time. In fact, I was initial told it as at 4:30 pm. Which is correct, 4:30 pm or 7 pm?

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  3. james troy

    The Ruby on Rails Workshop

    was poorly organized and a waste of time. The problems include:

    o The instructor

    o The screen was too small and too far away to see the code clearly.
    The instructor, Ernie Miller, seemed to think that actually
    seeing the code was not really necessary.

    o Much of the presentation consisted of Miller typing in code for
    an RoR blog. The typing should have been done before the workshop.

    o The instructions we needed to prepare for the workshop were inadequate
    and hard to find. These instructions should have included the
    source code for the blog, adequate instructions for installation
    on Windows and Linux, the name of the instructor, and published
    2 or 3 weeks ahead of time.

    o A workshop should not be a synonym for half-baked.

  4. Aaron VerDow

    I disagree. There's a lot to RoR and for the time given I think it
    was a pretty good look at how creating an app might flow. Typing the
    code in for the blog was already done before the workshop, it's just
    that most people don't learn as well just looking at the finished
    code. I liked watching the process of the blog being built and learn
    better that way.

    I had heard of RoR but never really looked into it; this workshop gave
    me a good view of how powerful and quick it can be and has inspired me
    to look deeper into RoR (already ordered some books.)

  5. Ernie Miller


    I'm sorry you felt that way. It sounds like there was a bit of miscommunication about the workshop pre-requisites, and we're working on this for future workshops.

    However, while I had a completed blog ready to go, which we demonstrated at the end, the point of the workshop was to have everyone follow along and write the code on their own machine -- learn by doing. Had it been a presentation or lecture, and not a workshop, I agree, the code should have just been presented.

    As for seeing the code, a 20 point font was about as large as I could go and still show a reasonable cross-section of code -- I realize the file drawer font was still small but as everyone had those files on their system as we went through the exercise, deemed that less critical than seeing the actual code. You're right -- seeing the code was of top importance.

    Aaron, thanks for the kind words. It was fun -- when you run one of these things you never know who's going to turn up, and what their level of comfort is with the technology going into it. I did the best I could in the limited time allotted.

    In any case, I'm sorry you didn't find the workshop educational

  6. Ernie Miller

    Err, that last sentence was supposed to be addressed to James, not Aaron.

    In other news, I sent along the packet of source code, book recommendations, and such to the coordinators -- you should have that available to you shortly, if not already.

    Thanks for coming out!

  7. greendrv

    I think Ernie did a great job given the environmental circumstances & the fact that we did not screen attendees during sign-up. I would rather keep these sessions open, than make them exclusive and prevent people from attending. The source code, notes, and references are available at

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