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Pimping your Home Network with DDWRT

Tired of your dinky home network with restrictive consumer grade equipment? Do you want to configure your network but can't affordenterprise grade hardware?  Well fret no more; with our new workshop we'll show you how to install DDWRT on a cheap router and make it do what YOU want!

DDWRT is a free, open source firmware designed to run on a wide variety of consumer grade routers and embedded systems.  What this means is you can take a $60 router and make it as configurable as a $600 router just by updating the firmware.  DDWRT can also breathe new life into a dying or supposedly dead router so you can get more mileageout of your old equipment.

The first part of the class will go over installing DDWRT on a Linksys WRT54g but other models/brands are certainly welcome.  Once that is done we'll go over some networking basics and show ways, with real world examples, that you can use DDWRT to improve your home network. Lastly there will be a quick look at some popular routing Linux distros in case you want to take things a step further and build a router out of a computer.

Time: Thurs June 9 @ 8pm
What to bring:
a network cable or two
old router you'd be OK with bricking (the install process is pretty reliable but it is still possible to completely kill a router)

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