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Sumobot tournament now has awesome prizes from Solarbotics!

ANNOUNCING - LVL1's 2nd annual Sumobot tournament will be on October
29th, 2011, 8PM at 814e Broadway (our home). There will be a Halloween
party following the fun - costumes are encouraged! All are welcome to
join in the festivities. You may even get to see the world famous fire
breathing pony, Buttercup! You now have a month to build your bot.

UPDATE: The ring we will use is made of MDF painted FLAT BLACK with a GLOSS
WHITE border ring.  The rubber surface of the last ring was just to
hard to source, build, maintain and paint.

UPDATE 2: Solarbotics just sent some awesome prizes for the sumo
winners! If you are looking for some sumo parts, please check out what
they can offer...

Here is the (new) poster:
Please post at your favorite coffee shop!

Sign up:

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