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LVL1 Boneyard Hackathon 2012

Eventbrite: (one ticket per team)

For 24 hours this June, it's an all-out hacker brawl to see who can build the coolest thing from a big pile of junk.  Think of it as the home version of Junk Yard Wars.  There are no rules, buy a ticket for your team, show up with your friends, and compete over tools and junk for 24 hours to build something incredible.

Announcing the first annual LVL1 Boneyard Hackathon. This will be a 24 hour, adrenaline-and-caffeine fueled race to create something awesome. Form a team, and you’ll be given an Arduino and a breadboard. You’ll have to do the rest using your brain, and all the resources of LVL1, including tools, boneyard parts, and hookup wire.

What is the Boneyard? The Boneyard is LVL1’s Island of Misfit electronics. A place where the broken and downtrodden collects, and awaits a reawakening. Each and every one of you will be having a hand in the zombificiation of some electronic device. Everything from oil-filled capacitors, to surplus mil-spec electronics lies in the Boneyard, waiting for your tender soldering iron.

The boneyard receives regular infusions of fresh bones, so familiarize yourself with the layout. If you haven’t been by the space before, we always have open meetings on Tuesdays at 8pm.

The event will take place on June 2nd, starting at Noon. 24 hours later, the teams will judge each other, and a winner will be crowned! Cost will be $30 for teams, and all teams must be enrolled by May 26th. Bring extra cash for food and drink.

The vending machine will be fully stocked, and we’ll be making regular food runs, so you can focus 24 hours of effort and attention on building something awesome.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on the list, or directly, at

The prize?  Top 3 teams will win a trophy, and a years worth of bragging rights.  Do you have what it takes?  Sign up at the Eventbrite link below.  Remember: Each team needs only one ticket.


Da Rules:

Teams may not bring in their own parts.

All work must cease at Noon on June 3rd, 2012

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