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***FREE*** ESP-01 (ESP8266) Workshop – Feb 11 7PM – 8:30PM

WiFi Serial Transceiver Module


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Learn how to add WiFi to your next electronics project using the dirt cheap and popular ESP-01 module (ESP8266)!

We will be providing the ESP-01 modules, FTDI modules, and other supporting hardware to teach the class, but you will NOT be able to take these home! However, if you want, you can purchase your own module from Amazon and bring it to the workshop. Pretty much any other ESP8266 module will do including the NodeMCU, Huzzah, and ESP-xx modules. Just make sure that if your module requires soldering, please assemble your module before the workshop. We won't be doing any soldering as part of this workshop.

This workshop will be geared toward people who are at least a little familiar with an Arduino (enough to blink and LED and modify someone else's code). Most of the programming we'll go over will be in the LUA programming language and some in the C programming language. Don't worry, you will not need any familiarity with these languages. However, you will need to know how to install FTDI drivers for your computer as well as how to find your COM port. Here's a good start if you need help:

All you will need to do to attend this workshop is bring a laptop with the following software installed 

NodeMCU Flasher:

Esplorer (requires Java)

Arduino ESP8266 Plugin:

Also download the latest version of the NodeMCU firmware:


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