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4:04 Hackathon

What: 4:04 Hackathon
When: Saturday, 24 February 2018, 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Cost: FREE

This hackathon takes place in one afternoon. All projects must be started and finished in 4 hours and 4 minutes. Any project which you or your team believe can be started and completed in the time allowed is welcome! No restriction on theme, materials, content, danger level or amount of therapy needed by witnesses. Projects can be virtual, mechanical, structural, electrical, artisinal, biological, medical, illogical, whimsical, etc.


  • No materials can be precut or modified except as needed for transport to the space, unless they are commonly acquired that way.
  • No code, other than libraries, can be written before starting.
  • No prewiring of electronics, unless it is commonly acquired that way.
  • Boneyard items can be collected beforehand but not disassembled for parts.
  • All work must be done at LVL1 or in the close vicinity for projects needing outdoor assembly.
  • You can bring in plans, files for laser/CNC cutting or 3D printing. 3D prints must be less than 2 hours on a single printer per team.
  • Tools down after 4 hours and 4 minutes.
  • Everyone is expected to clean up their own messes after the event, however, teams can buy 16 minutes extra time by agreeing to clean up a major area of the hackerspace afterwards - either the wood shop, the metal shop, or the main room.
  • Slight exceptions for time may be made for projects that are really close to being done and also really awesome (as judged by the group).

Prizes will be awarded by ballots submitted by hackathon participants and guests present for the project presentations. The ballot will ask you to rank the top 3 projects in each of 3 categories: Best Project, Most Impressive Use of Time, and Most Dismal Failure. Individuals and teams will only be allowed to win in a single category, in the event of a team winning two categories, the second place team will be judged the winner of the next category in order they are listed above.

Cheating: Mild cheating will not be tolerated. If you are going to cheat, it must be bold and brazen. Those who wish to finish a project started before the hackathon begins are welcome to compete for a separate prize, awarded to the project with the earliest start date that both has substantial work done and is finished in the 4:04 timeline. This will be judged based on the individual's age.

Snacks and drinks during the hackathon and pizza at the awards will be provided.

1:00pm - Hackathon begins
5:04pm - Tools down
5:20pm - Project presentations begin
6:00pm - Pizza & awards


  • Best Project - A Mini Hero Delta 3D printer kit! You can print small quantities of real disappointment in a variety of colors at your own home! Also, a trophy plaque with your name on it as the winner will be on display at the space.
  • Most Impressive Use of Time - An Arduino CNC kit - Arduino, motor controllers, limit switches and 3 stepper motors. Making the rest of a 3D printer or CNC cutter should take you no time at all.
  • Oldest Project Completed and Most Dismal Failure - Surprise awards appropriate for your accomplishments.

Please note: This is a competition organized for fun by a volunteer. Food is provided by LVL1, prizes were paid for by the organizer. Complaints or conflicts will be dealt with at the organizer's discretion, all decisions will be final.

You do not need to be a member of LVL1 to participate in this hackathon. If it is your first visit to our space, you will need to sign our waiver of liability. (This is standard procedure for all LVL1 activities.)