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Vinyl Cutter 101 Class

What: Vinyl Cutter 101 Class
When: Saturday, 11 May, 12:00 - 2:00pm
Cost: $6.00 ($4.96 + $1.04 processing fees)

Vinyl cutters are used to create a variety of signs and stickers such as the types placed on walls, windows, vehicles, computers, notebooks, etc. Learn the basics of placing an image and text in a custom design. We will be using Inkscape for the design elements. If you have a laptop computer we recommend you install this free program and bring it with you to the class. There are also several computers with it installed at LVL1 and you are welcome to use one of those. For the class you will receive a plastic license plate blank (various colors) and white or black vinyl. You will learn how to design, cut, weed, and transfer the vinyl.

You may, of course, choose to place your design on a material other than a license plate. The procedure is the same.

This class is on the day before Mother's Day. This is your chance to make her that last-minute gift. Or bring her along and make a project together!


You do not need to be a member to attend this event or use our equipment to make cool things. (But there must be a member present for you to work in the space.) Anyone entering LVL1 for the first time must sign a waiver of liability. (There's a kiosk right inside the door.)