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gift_wrap_stressWrap presents at LVL1! Come and use plenty of table space. BYOB / food. We'll put on some tunes and enjoy wrapping sessions a lot more than hiding in a bedroom alone- or donate a little more and have someone else wrap for you. We have elegant, cute, shiny and other types of paper.

Make it fun and wrap your gifts before you take them home 😀

Black Friday - 11 -29 2 pm - 10 pm
Sunday 12-1-2013 3 - 5:30 pm
Sunday 12-8 3- 5:30 pm
Saturday Dec 14 2 - 10 pm
Sunday 12-22 3 - 5:30 pm
Tuesday - 12-24, Christmas EVE - 6 pm - 11:30 pm - Also a great place to assemble things as there are all sorts of tools here!

You must park on the street or in the "ORI" lot behind the building. You must enter the building in the back/in the alley.

If you come, turn from Broadway onto Shelby (Shelby only goes one way - away from town) - there is an alley immediately on your left. Pass that and turn into the nextz entrance into the parking lot that says ORI. Walk from the parking lot into the alley. Turn right and take about forty steps. You should see a door on your left that says LVL1.

Due to all the equipment and tools here, you must sign a waiver of liability to enter.

Lvl1 enjoyed the first annual Maker Faire, and it was exciting to see the public interact with our makers and projects on such a grand scale!  Good job everyone!


You can read  a summary and see photos/video on or at Make Magazine!


It's probably no secret by now that I am easily amused, but I wasn't the only one entertained by Ben Douglas' dry ice set up at the meeting this past Tuesday. With dry ice, soap bubbles and hot water, he created a fun round of bubble popping for everyone. The bubbles squish into clouds of smoke - like magic!


I've made a video for my Youtube Channel in case you missed it. Seems like this would be great for science fair projects for young kids. Watch the Video Here.



It is time to leave an official note about my chosen Co-op project. First, my name is Eric, I am a Civil and Environmental Engineering student from Speed School. Immediately, the Hackerspace mainly appears to be electronically driven. A student of structural science may be intimidated, but I look to expand my knowledge.

My project is to construct a Structural Health Monitoring system that uses Arduinos and wireless sensors to transmit measured beam stress and strain. First, the prototype will utilize a laser guided, ultrasonic wave to measure elongation. The laser will also register on a photo-diode. The photo-diode represents laser angle, subsequently relating to possible torsion.  The data will be collected and sent to a regional server.  The regional server converts the transmission into data points for spreadsheet and plotting of stress/strain graph. This regular monitoring can predict deformation of existing structural beams before rupture.

Following a successful read, record and transmission with the Arduino, the next step will be wireless communication (including RF transmission of power). After wireless interface, the system will need to be overhauled for lowest possible power signals. These sensors need to be completely autonomous. This first prototype will act as a base module.  I hope to explore improving wireless capabilities and power supply.  Of the many applications I look to use the base module subterranean and monitor stress found in water mains.

Anyone interested in being apart of this project is welcome.  I can be reached at: