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lvl1halloweenposterfinal2016Halloween is here at LVL1...

...and so are a ton of awesome events!  Stop by this weekend and join in the fun!

Sumobot Tournament

When: Saturday the 29th, 8PM

Sumobots are adorable little robots meant to shove other sumo bots into a burning pit surrounding a sumo ring. Minus the burning pit. Details can be found on the wiki:

Internet of Terror! Hackathon

When: Friday 28th, 8PM - Sunday the 30th 3PM.

Preliminary showing after costume contest judging on the 29th.
Take something from the internet of things and make it terrifying OR connect something terrifying to the internet of things. Terrifying does not necessarily = scary.

Memes of Screams Costume Contest and Hackathon

When: Friday the 28th, 8PM - Saturday, 7PM.  Judging at 8PM.

Don't feel like electronics hacking Halloween weekend? Make a costume based on your favorite internet meme. Wow! Such terror! Extra points for working on the costume at LVL1.  Judging is entirely subjective and criteria will be announced at the start of the hackathon.

Halloween Party

When: Saturday the 29th. 6PM-?

Come enjoy cake and punch while mingling with the denizens of LVL1. Watch sumobots or distract the hackathon participants. A [insert halloween pun here] will be had by all!

That's right, folks!

It's only days until the Midwest Regional Stupid Sh!t No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon!  

Where:  LVL1 Hackerspace (duh)

When:  Oct. 10-11 (12 pm Saturday to 3pm the following day)

Who:  EVERY ADULT (with a sense of humor)

What:  A hackathon that aims to cleverly solve problems that DON'T exist.

Why:  Because everybody else is taking this stuff WAY too seriously, and it's time we did something about it.  Something ridiculous.  And fun.

No cost is involved (except maybe your pride).

And for those "useful" people who are unable to think of problems that no one has (like your shoes being too comfortable, for instance), we will have a variety that you can choose front on site that are personally verified stupid by our "resident experts."

Special awards will also be given out!  They continue to be in development, and more submissions are welcome.

Here is the current list:

"The Disappointment Machine" -- for the worst/best failed 3-D print -- award: exclusive failed print "art"

"Accidentally Useful" -- for the creation that turns out to solve an ACTUAL problem -- award: project will be lovingly left as a foundling on the doorstep of FirstBuild, where it can, perhaps, be taken seriously one day

Check out our wiki page ( for more updates as we plummet headlong into this farce of epic proportions...  and see you Saturday!




Welcome to the Workshop du Jour!

This is the beginning in a series of laissez-faire learning experiences that will seem less like school and more like troublemakers getting together on a Friday night to try something new.

Some people call it the "maker movement"--we don't really care, as long as whatever happened was awesome and somebody got pictures.

So stop by around 7PM on Friday, May 15th if you want to (1) learn a skill/tool, (2) teach people how to cause trouble with it, or (3) eat pizza and dick around with friends (bring some cash for pizza).

There will be a theme each month or two, and the current theme is (FRICKIN’) LASER CUTTING!

I urge everyone to stop by--especially if you’ve been wondering how to work with our magnificent lasers (pew pew!).  Those with great laser experience would be particularly helpful in sharing the wealth of their knowledge, too.

There is no cost.  Ever. Even if we are offering a kit to pay for, we’ll always have scrap.  And as such, I plan to bring lots of cardboard and fun designs to share with everybody.

PLUS--I will work to schedule a few more dates for our FRICKIN’ LASER theme, but don't just come to one per theme; you can continue to come and contribute to the community by helping other newbies as they learn to laser.

This will be an ongoing series, and I’m looking for more people who want to step up and be part of the fun in upcoming themes!  Stay tuned for more announcements and updates.

Hope to see you there!

Danielle B.  

LVL1 President

Saturday--THIS Saturday, March 21st--from noon to 4pm!

Join us to update our Wiki!

From Sean M, the organizer of the event:
All are welcome to contribute. No specific skill level is required - in fact, for some things the more unfamiliar you are with something the better reviewer you make!
Please bring your own laptop, with wireless, if you can do so easily; I'd hate to have more willing hands than keyboards. I am hoping to bring a couple of extra laptops to let people edit articles as needed but we'll also have some of the random PCs around the space (that said, if someone wants to laser or vinyl cut, etc, please evacuate the PC so they can use it for its primary purpose). Also, if you just want to read existing wiki articles and suggest changes, you can definitely do that easily on most tablets or phones.
There will be punch & pie*!
*Punch and Pie may actually be random pastries/baked goods and various sodas due to logistics.