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Naval Ordnance is back again! Join us on Saturday, May 20th at 9am to play an exciting game of Naval Ordnance: the bigger and badder cousin of the Battleship game we all know and love.

We'll be setting up the game pool in the parking lot and will start festivities by organizing teams to compete and/or improve on the game. Stay tuned for more information!

Monday, May 15th from 7-9 pm in the LVL1 Classroom.

We will be learning to program using the free KhanAcademy programming tutorials that are online. This class will be teaching the "processing" computer language which is very similar to C, javascript and the Arduino code. You could just go through the tutorials online by yourself, but I am offering to help guide you through the lessons and I will be there to help you if you get stuck. I used to teach these computer programming lessons to middle school students and found them to be quite good.

The cost is FREE for this class. Just show up at 7. You will need a laptop computer that can connect wirelessly to the internet. Contact if you have any questions.

Bob Ross and chill with the LVL1 crew on Friday, May 12th from 7 pm onwards. Our weekly movie night will consist of Bob Ross painting episodes on the big screen along with free pizza, friends, and fun. There will be prizes for the happiest trees, the saddest trees, the hackiest trees, and the OMG I didn't know trees could do that.

Bring some art supplies and paint along with Bob! Free admission.