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A project that was built at LVL1 is part of a contest that H-A-D is hosting and it needs your votes.

The project submitted is Alien Operation aka Alien Autopsy. It is a life size version of Operation with a scifi twist. Here is a link to the voting page:  In order to vote you will need to create a HackADay account.

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So click the link and give us your vote, so that we can continue to show all the awesome things that come from LVL1.


Over the weekend LVL 1 was host to the Code for America hackathon.  We had a great turnout, there were 18 teams in all.

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Everyone was hard at work to produce a working model or prototype of their idea within the time frame.

“The task is to design or prototype an app that helps improve the quality of life in our city,” Mayor Greg Fischer said. “No idea is too strange or too bold. We want to see interesting ideas and innovation at work.”

18 teams offered up some great ideas, from geolocating features in our parks, to a program to manage our power grid by tracking smart phone power usage. The ideas were judged by a 4 person panel and ultimately yielded 3 winners of $5000, $3000 and $2000 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The winning ideas and code will be used by the city to bring the ideas to life.

Congratulations to the winning teams:

First Place: Your Mapper

1st  Who created "Safety Check" an app for the smartphone.  This app allows the user to see the crimes reported in the area around them.  It also give a safety rating.  Other features of the included detail about certain crimes and a way to notify the nearest police station to report a crime.

Team members include Michael Schnuerle and Eric Roland

Second Place: Forest Giants

2nd Focusing on bike riding and cycling, this team created an app that would allow the user to easily find bike route around Louisville.  With this app the user could also record their time, speed and route. After each ride the user could then share with other riders to challenge or encourage.  Using GPS riders can find the closest bike loops, view details for each loop, and even allows you to take a picture and report loop hazards. The app could eventually help the city's bike program determine what areas of town are most popular for rides which might determine where more infrastructure is needed for bike lanes and paths.

Team members include Dave Dveand, Chris Hawkins, Adam Richardson, Ryan Stemen and Ashleigh Chape

Third Place: Clean Up Team
3rdTheir app focused on cleaning up Louisville's graffiti and trash by letting the user take a picture of an area they think needs to be cleaned up.  Their example: if you are walking down the street and see graffiti, you can snap a picture with the app, share it with others and using the power of Facebook, form a team and create an event to clean up and remove the graffiti.

Team members include Troy Harvey, Ashley Revlett, Charles Waddell and Steven Trentham

From reporting crime to cleaning the streets to getting out an seeing one or all of Louisville's parks, one thing is for sure, Louisville has some bright citizens who want nothing but the best for their city and to be able to share it with all.



Fridays movie night was Ghostbusters and we made ectoplasm.

There was a great turn out and some messy fun.

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Making purple ectoplasm

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Getting messy with a highlighter to make fluorescent.  As well as some green.

20130118_220342 20130118_220207

After this incident Garrett was not allowed to touch the ectoplasm any more.

Thanks to everyone that came out and see you next Friday.


For more photos head over to our Flickr page.