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This Saturday, 28 October 2017, join us for our 7th annual Sumobot Tournament/Halloween Party. You don't have to be a member to attend this fun event. Watch autonomous robots try to push each other out of the ring. Costumes are encouraged. (And, of course, all kinds of nerdiness is encouraged -- costumewise or otherwise.) Festivities begin around 8:00 pm and last until way after the last robot is left standing.



The Sumobot Tournament will probably begin around 9:00pm. The party has no end in sight.

Check the calendar on our events page for other upcoming events and workshops.

Saturday November 1 will be LVL1's 5th annual Sumobot tournament and Halloween party. I know it is the day after Halloween, but you will not be ready to put your costume up, will you? So dress up and bring your Sumobots down to the space and fight them for eternal glory and fame! Don't have a sumobot? There is still enough time to build one. There are links to kits (and the sumobot tournament rules) on our wiki. Or just come down for the fun. Also, if you have other robots that you have built, bring them down to show them off. It will be a robot extravaganza!



Thanks to all that attended and competed in the 2nd annual Sumobot Tournament.  We had 12 bots in the melee and the winner was Exspurt, built by Rick  Check out his bot site for ideas.  Jose got second and I got third.  That ExSpurt is an awesome bot and Lessor is a tough competitor.  Below is an epic battle between Lessor and ExSpurt.

Here is the final bracket showing the winners...

The bracket software was called Bracket Maker HD on the iPad.  The iPad projected the results on the wall.  The software worked very well for our double elimination competition.

Big thanks to Solarbotics.  They provided some awesome prizes for the competition.  Check out their website for all your robot needs.

Special thanks to Jeff Johnson for the hot wings and pizza bites.  Thanks to Rick, Jule, and Gene for making the drive to Louisville to fight your bots.  We hope you had a great time.  Thanks to Alex - it is great to have some high school hackers.  Thanks to all who dressed up for Halloween. And big thanks to Tim, who put together a fantastic sumo workshop.  These simple looking bots can be deceptively complex!

Overall it was a great event!  Can't wait until next year!

Hack on,