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Here's how to connect/interact with LVL1.

On the web:

  • website - this web site - lots of basic info including our calendar, blog posts, driving and parking directions, etc.
  • wiki - our Wiki - more detailed and technical info including minutes to every one of our open meetings, our bylaws, plus projects, tools, instructions, etc.

On Google Groups:

  • LVL1 - Louisville's Hackerspace - Online forum, this is a great place to ask questions about the group or your projects. (Note: this can generate a lot of emails per day. Turn off email updates, set up your filters, use the daily digest, or use the RSS feed.)

On Discord:

  • LVL1Discord Server - not an "official" line of communication. Some people like it better.

On Facebook:

  • LVL1 Page - Follow the page to keep up to date on the space
  • LVL1 Group - Join the group to interact with other community members

On Flickr:

On Twitter:

  • LVL1 on Twitter - To be honest, we haven't been very active on Twitter. If you love to tweet, this might be a way for you to contribute to the LVL1 community. We're all volunteers here!

On Meetup:

On Email:

  • Want to take a class or teach a class or host some other event? Email for info.
  • Need supplies or found a machine or tool out of order? Email
  • Have questions that you can't find answered here? Email