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About the Space

The Space

LVL1 consists of 8800 square feet of work areas, classroom, and storage. Storage is for member projects only. (It's one of the benefits of becoming a member.)

Work Areas

LVL1 has tools and equipment and dedicated space for textiles, vinyl cutting, soldering, electronic testing, laser etching, and 3D printing, plus a wood shop and metal shop. As of fall 2017 we are adding a jewelry making station that should be functional this winter. The classroom contains computers and the whole space has wi-fi. See our wiki pages for a more comprehensive list of equipment.

LVL1 Culture

LVL1 strives to promote an open and welcoming culture. We like the fact that we're a public resource for the community. To keep this kind of openness in our community, it takes a little more effort in a social sense to keep things running smoothly. Being part of an open community can be a challenge sometimes. Try to display a little extra politeness, a little extra patience, a little extra cleanliness and a little extra friendliness.

Our primary policy is to "Be Excellent to Each Other." If you're not being excellent others, expect to get called out for it. And if you don't know whether or not something you're doing is excellent, odds are it isn't.


LVL1 is a non-profit 501c3 organization. We collect dues from our membership to pay rent, utilities, insurance and maintenance of the space. Any funds left over are used for tools and consumables for LVL1.

LVL1 has a 7 member Board of Directors elected by membership. This includes four elected officers and three at-large directors. The Board of Directors fulfill the roles required by Kentucky law and oversee the operation of LVL1. All of the directors are volunteers and are not compensated financially. The directors can be contacted by emailing

Regular Events

LVL1 has an Open Meeting & Making every Tuesday at 8pm. This is best time to come by the space to find out what's happening and meet our community.
And check out our calendar of upcoming meetings and events.


LVL1 is a dynamic space with potential hazards requiring a mature attitude towards safety. Due to the nature of this environment (and the extra precaution required) unattended minors under the age of 18 are prohibited from LVL1, except when accompanied by a legal guardian.

When accompanied by a legal guardian, minors must have a Waiver filled out by that guardian.

Although LVL1 allows accompanied minors, keep in mind that we do not make any effort to maintain a kid-friendly environment.