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LVL1 is proud to be a public resource for technology and 'making' in Louisville, KY. Our space is accessible multiple times during the week to visitors, and our community is eager to share our skills and equipment. However, we recognize that there are members of our community who need full access to the space as members, but do not have the financial means to become full members of LVL1. We are fixing this problem with LVL1's makership program!

What is a Makership?

A Makership is a $100 project stipend and 3 months worth of LVL1 membership dues awarded to an individual in the Louisville area. We recognize that potential makers with limited financial resources often are unable to afford any membership rates- no matter what the discount might be. Similarly, the cost of materials to develop a cool project can be just out of reach to those strapped for cash. Our makership program seeks to eliminate these financial hurdles and get makers making!

We award our makerships to applicants who can put together the best pitch for (1) what they want to make and (2) how they plan to do it. Your project could be anything from an electronic gadget, to an open source software project, to a citizen science project, to a fire-breathing robotic pony, or (hopefully) a project we haven’t imagined. We want LVL1 to be the place where these things are made! LVL1 makerships are open to anyone whom could benefit from our community and resources to make something great.

LVL1 Makership Fellows Receive the Following:

  1. 3 months of membership dues (cash equivalent value to $150 USD) at award start date. Member rights include:
    1. An RFID key for 24 hour access to LVL1.
    2. Access to LVL1 equipment, such as our 3D Printers, laser cutters, welding equipment, woodshop, electronics tools and more.
    3. Space at LVL1 to store a reasonable amount of equipment and materials.
    4. Eligibility to vote on LVL1 membership votes, such as equipment purchases.
    5. A Mentor from the LVL1 membership, to help navigate the LVL1 community and project milestones.
  2. Project stipend of $100 USD to finance the project, maintained by the LVL1 treasurer. This can be used for purchasing tools, parts, prototyping and attending LVL1 workshops. It should be used for whatever is needed to get the project done!
  3. Letter of reference from a LVL1 Mentor or LVL1 President upon successful project completion and upon request.

Interested in Applying? Follow this link for details.

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