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You do not need to be a member to attend these events or use our equipment to make cool things. (But there must be a member present for you to work in the space.) The Tuesday night Open Meeting (at 8:00pm every Tuesday) in particular is geared to visitors and always includes a tour of the space and a "Show & Tell" session during which we share info about the projects in progress. Anyone entering LVL1 for the first time must sign a waiver of liability. (There's a kiosk right inside the door.)

Are you looking for help/training and don't see what you need on the calendar? Feel free to ask us at any open meeting or email and we'll assist you.

Do you want to teach a class, host a hackathon, or get together with others for some other specific purpose? Check out our Hosting Guide.

About this Event
In this workshop you will solder, program and build your own internet enabled micro weather station. This weather station uses a wifi enabled Wemos D1 Mini board and a 1.3" oled display as well as a 3d printed enclosure. Really cool project for you to show off at home, work or school! Learn about the exciting world of internet enabled devices!

We will teach you how to solder, load the weather station software, hack the weather station software, debug, and program a Wemos D1 mini microcontroller.

$20 is cheap for all you will learn and get!

Signup here:

Come join us and make an awesome holiday wreath that has WIFI enabled computer/smartphone controlled LED lights! You will use an ESP8266 circuit board connected to a led strip of lights. Plus you can decorate your wreath to make it beautiful. Check out the WLED NeoPixel software to see how you control the lights! Trust us, this is some really cool stuff! 1 ticket is for 1 wreath with LEDs.

Workshop instructions here


This Sunday, October 27th, from 11:30 until 1:30, join Ned at the space as they laser-engrave a pumpkin for Halloween. Ned will cover both the hardware and software setup for this engrave, and be around to answer questions as it's running, so you can know how to laser engrave yourself in the future! This is a completely free, super chill workshop.