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LVL1 is lucky enough to play hosts to the folks at the Kentucky Open Source Society (, and many of them have become hugely involved members of the larger LVL1 community.  Lately, some of the guys from KYOSS have been working on MOSSCon, the Midwest Open Source Conference.  We're proud that LVL1 could play a small part in getting Louisville's first open source conference off the ground.  If you're someone who's interested in Open Source Software, this is an event to attend.  It's going to take place May 18th-19th, and early-bird registration is open now!

Here's the full scoop on MOSSCon:

MOSSCon 2013

Free & Open Source Software has, for years, brought together the best and brightest developers to produce software products that rival, on every level, the proprietary solutions with massive marketing budgets behind them. Online, the community grows everyday; more and more, businesses of all sizes are realizing the power that open source solutions give their operation; off-line, the open source community is scattered.

MOSSCon (Midwest Open Source Software Conference) brings together these developers, product managers, users, businesses, thought leaders, educators, and more to network and learn about the newest advancements in open source products, and the benefits these products provide to the operation of these businesses. Through a combination of sessions, keynotes, workshops, exhibit space, and networking times, MOSSCon delivers the perfect venue to reach, meet, and mingle with the Open Source Community.

MOSSCon team is looking forward to create an event that the entire Open Source Software community can benefit from! Available to both the general public and the technical community, with the lowest price possible, this conference will be offering the attendees: 22 presentations and 6 workshops from 19 local and regional speakers. Big players in today's OSS community (Apache Software Foundation, CISCO, RedHat, Mozilla, Eucalyptus etc) covering topics in areas such as security, hight performance computing, cloud systems, web and mobile development, open government data, maps and much more!

MOSSCon is a community driven conference; "By the people, for the people" as we like to say it, organized for the first time in Kentucky by KYOSS (Kentucky Open Source Software Society) and a group of enthusiasts who share the same vision that the software should be Free and Open to the community to develop and adapt it to their needs. A group of enthusiasts of all age groups that is established to promote software freedom, open source software, free culture and open knowledge, a global movement that originally started more than 25 years ago.


For more info, please visit:
Hashtag: #mosscon13