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Mind Over Melon on WHAS Great Day Live

Brad and I created Mind over Melon. Ever since I was a boy, I’ve dreamed of exploding things with my mind. At LVL1, we now have the technology to make this dream come true. Using a hacked Star Wars Force Trainer, Arduinos, XBees and a solenoid valve, we’ve developed Mind over Melon. It’s a game where you focus your mind to an intense level of concentration; and explode a watermelon. It’s a combination of David Cronenberg’s classic sci-fi film “Scanners” and Gallagher.

We will be welcoming new players to try Mind over Melon this Saturday at Bernheim CONNECT. Please come out and pop some melons with your mind.

Here I am on WHAS Great Day Live playing Mind Over Melon. I suspect this mind-controlled watermelon explosion is a television first.


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  1. tazewell delaney says:

    sirs, incredible. i’ve followed the emerging tech of thought-driven devices since {} and then teh times article of 1995 ‘computer as genii: your wish is its command.’

    we should talk. i’ve got a suite of bizplans in which i think you’d find enough interest to invite collaboration. i believe i’m about to achieve some serious ventcap, to boot.

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