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Hosting Guide

We have lots of cool activities at LVL1. Look at our calendar, come to meetings, engage us in social media. We hope you find something you want to try. Need training and don't see a class or workshop on our calendar? Email us at and we'll do our best to connect you with someone.

Some activities are loosely organized -- it can be as simple as one or more members who say, "I'm interested in this and if you are too I'll be at the space at this time/date. Come join me!" Some examples include Sound Builders, Night of the Hat, Dust Collector Build, Threadsday Thursday, Power Racing Series, Open Code Night, and Fix-It-Friday Repair Cafe.

We want even more cool activities at LVL1! So if you have knowledge or expertise you're willing to share, email us at and we'll do our best to set that up too. The following information on How to Host an Event is an effort to help you do that.

How to Host an Event


  • Choose an event you want to host. If you're not a member, get a member to agree to be there for the event.
  • Check for conflicts on our calendar.
  • Email and talk it up at our meetings.
  • Be prepared. Be courteous. Be safe.
  • Clean up and lock up when you're done.

That's the gist of it. If you have questions or need more details, read on! And if you still have questions, ask us! Our Tuesday night Open Meetings are a great place to ask questions and garner support. And you can ask questions any time through email at


What kinds of events are there at LVL1?

Meetings, demonstrations, classes, competitions, workshops, hackathons, and more. Even an occasional party. Or if you belong to a club or organization and just need a place like our classroom to gather together, that's cool too. Our space is what our community makes of it.

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Do I have to be a LVL1 member to use the space?

No. Just like our community is welcome to use our tools to make cool stuff, our community is welcome to use our space to host cool events. There are two primary requirements: a member must be present whenever non-members are in the space and everyone who comes in must sign a waiver of liability. Any other details can be worked out while planning your event.

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How do I schedule an event?

All events are managed by volunteers who monitor emails to You can ask questions there and, once the event is planned, request that information be posted online. We have several members who can add items to our calendar.

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Can you help with advertising my event?

LVL1 has a few ways to spread the news, but not all are appropriate for all events. We recommend that you attend one or more of our Tuesday night Open Meetings prior to the event. There is always time during the meeting to announce activities. We have several online avenues (see our Connect page) and may post to some of those. Note: Some of these are "open" sites and you may post event information yourself. If you want us to post something online though, please write up the description and details and email it to so we can copy/paste to other sites. In general, everything hosted at LVL1 goes on our calendar.

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How much does it cost to rent LVL1 space?

We do not rent space. Our space, like our tools, is free for the community to use. But as stated above, a member must be present whenever non-members are in the space and everyone who comes in must sign a waiver of liability. You may, if you wish, make a donation to LVL1 and/or our Makership program when you use our space.

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Can I charge money for an event at LVL1?

Yes. If you have knowledge or skills and a passion for sharing or teaching we want to help you do that. Your event can be free or paid.

You can charge money to cover the cost of materials as is often the case in workshops, for example. You can charge money to buy refreshments for participants. You can charge money to pay for your time and expertise. We leave it to you to determine what you think is a fair amount to charge for your event. You can also use "donation" tickets (sometimes called pay-what-you-want) which do not have a fixed price and participants can pay what they think your event is worth.

    Here are some options for cost of events:

  • The event is free and there is no need to know ahead of time who will participate.
  • The event is free, but participants need to register ahead of time.
  • There is a cost and you will collect money at the door.
  • There is a cost and participants need to buy a ticket ahead of time.

We use Eventbrite for ticketed events. If your event is free, but you want people to register ahead of time, you can use Eventbrite's free tickets. There is no cost to either you or participants. If your event costs money, the Eventbrite fees can be added to the ticket price so they don't come out of your pocket. You may, of course, use some other method of registering participants or collecting money if you set it up yourself. Note: You may choose to donate some or all of the proceeds to LVL1 (and get a tax slip), but it is not required. If all of the money collected goes to LVL1 (either general fund or Makership fund) then LVL1 may create the Eventbrite ticket.

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Is it okay to use LVL1's tools and machines for an event I host?

Yes. This is frequently the case for events like hackathons, for example. We do expect everyone to work safely -- that includes wearing eye protection (we have some safety glasses available for use) and closed-toed shoes (no sandals or flip-flops) when around tools and machinery. That goes for everyone in the immediate area. Debris doesn't distinguish between a person using a tool and someone watching the tool be used. Hearing protection is also recommended when in an area with loud tools or machines.

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What about events for kids?

We consider LVL1 to be more of a "kid-tolerant" than a "kid-friendly" space. Every person under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. That adult must sign a waiver on behalf of the minor and must supervise them while they are in the space. (The adult must sign a waiver for themselves too.) We have had some very successful workshops aimed at family participation so that kids and adults can work together.

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What is this waiver thing?

The waiver is something our lawyers require. We don't want you to get hurt while working in our space and we especially don't want you to sue us if you get hurt. You can sign a waiver electronically on a kiosk by our front door. Occasionally, the kiosks get off line and you can sign a paper version. There are links to a web version and to view/print waivers on our wiki.

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Can we serve food?

Yes, but... remember that this is a work space. Please keep food and drinks separate from tools and machines. We have a food prep area just inside the main door that includes a refrigerator, microwave, soft drink vending machine, and a prep table stocked with disposable plates, napkins, and utensils. Feel free to use these implements to make delicious food! Remember though that we have no janitorial staff so please clean up after yourself and dispose of food waste outside the space. Also, do not use the food microwave for anything other than edible items; we have another microwave specifically for hacking.

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What if something breaks?

Breaking things is a natural consequence of making things. First, make sure everyone is safe. Attach a sign to any broken tools, machines, etc. so that someone else doesn't try to use it. Send an email to so we can arrange to get it fixed or replaced. Please be as specific in that email as you can regarding what is broken and where it is located. If you can, include model numbers, part numbers, and links to a source for replacements.

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