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Project Introduction

It is time to leave an official note about my chosen Co-op project. First, my name is Eric, I am a Civil and Environmental Engineering student from Speed School. Immediately, the Hackerspace mainly appears to be electronically driven. A student of structural science may be intimidated, but I look to expand my knowledge.

My project is to construct a Structural Health Monitoring system that uses Arduinos and wireless sensors to transmit measured beam stress and strain. First, the prototype will utilize a laser guided, ultrasonic wave to measure elongation. The laser will also register on a photo-diode. The photo-diode represents laser angle, subsequently relating to possible torsion.  The data will be collected and sent to a regional server.  The regional server converts the transmission into data points for spreadsheet and plotting of stress/strain graph. This regular monitoring can predict deformation of existing structural beams before rupture.

Following a successful read, record and transmission with the Arduino, the next step will be wireless communication (including RF transmission of power). After wireless interface, the system will need to be overhauled for lowest possible power signals. These sensors need to be completely autonomous. This first prototype will act as a base module.  I hope to explore improving wireless capabilities and power supply.  Of the many applications I look to use the base module subterranean and monitor stress found in water mains.

Anyone interested in being apart of this project is welcome.  I can be reached at:


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