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The Purge! Spring 2019 & Wikithon! Spring 2019

What: The Purge! Spring cleaning
When: Saturday, 20 April, 10:00am - 1:00pm


What: Wikithon! Spring cleaning
When: Saturday, 20 April, 12:00noon - 3:00pm

Look at all this sh--stuff! A couple times a year we need to throw out some old stuff (so we can bring in new old stuff). We rent a dumpster and spend a couple hours filling it up.

We plan to concentrate primarily on the member storage areas. Get your projects and materials off the floor and out of the aisles. If you have materials/projects you are not currently working on, please take them home. The metal storage and large wood storage areas are also in need of straightening up. Maybe build a rack to help hold large boards?

Filling the dumpster usually takes about two hours and then we eat pizza.


There's always work to be done on our Wiki -- and anyone in our LVL1 community is welcome to lend a hand! If you've never edited a wiki before training will be provided. (It's easier than you might think.) Our plan for this day is to document some procedures for projects. You might even learn a new skill, make a new project, and document it as you go!

You do not need to be a member of LVL1 to attend these events. This is a great way to get to know us better and contribute to the community! Anyone entering LVL1 for the first time must sign a waiver of liability. (There's a kiosk right inside the door.)