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Hi everybody!

For those of you who don't know, I'm the new co-op who is working on a smart chess board.  To remotely identify the pieces, I'm exploring using the capacitive sensing function of the arduino.
For now, I've built a small board with capacitive sensors just to test it out.  I've basically followed this capacitive keyboard instructable.  Thus far, the sensor is being fairly inconsistent, but I'm thinking that may have to do with the super messy construction rather than the arduino/code itself.  So, I'm rebuilding the keyboard in a more precise manner and will see how that goes.  I'll update as things move along. Thanks for reading!

-Caleb Sheehan


Nothing quite like the satisfaction of having something work just like you wanted.  Its true no matter what field you go into.  When it comes to making your own game, its something you get every day.  I'm a week into mine, just now implementing my game's (a turn based strategy) combat mechanics, and I can get drawn in.  Monday I sat for four hours straight working on converting the basic collision detection between units to implement some damage dealing combat.  When I was done though, I was ecstatic.  Yes there were still minor bugs, but in the scheme of things, I'd accomplished something.