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University of Louisville Co-Op Makership at LVL1

Hackerspaces are starting to change engineering education. The University of Louisville's Speed School of Engineering has put nine Co-op students in the LVL1 hackerspace. We are exploring how to get students working on hands-on projects sooner in the engineering curriculum.

Yes, a paid Co-op position working on a project at LVL1. Our final Co-ops started in Fall 2013.

This program is closely aligned with LVL1's non-Coop makership program, which continues on beyond the fall. However, we also interview Makership Co-ops at different points before, during and after the Makership to learn how the experience can affect engineering education.

What is a Co-Op Makership?

A Co-Op Makership is a $400 project stipend and 12 months worth of LVL1 membership dues, plus 12 weeks of Co-op stipend ranging from $12/hr-$14/hr depending on whether it is your first, second or third Co-op. The co-op makership is a full-time job during the Co-op semester. We recognize that Speed students do not usually have funds or time to start a new project in a hackerspace during a normal semester--yet building something is an important part of an engineering education.

We awarded our makerships to applicants who put together the best pitch for (1) what they wanted to make and (2) how they plan to do it. Participants could align their project with an ongoing project at LVL1 or the University of Louisville, or propose their own project. When proposing projects, we asked students to consider how their work could use the resources of LVL1, and how it would contribute to the hackerspace community to make something great.

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The LVL1 / U of L Co-Op Makership program is supported by the National Science Foundation.


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