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NEW laser cutter

Full spectrum 40watt CO2 laser


Category: food, laser


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  1. CyborgSix says:

    Fail! Neither ScanLife or Google Goggles could make out that QR Code!

    I kid…Laser etched Pop-Tarts *ahem* “popular toaster-warmed pastries” are awesome. Now, on to that laser-based toaster for double the awesome, please. :)

  2. Christopher says:


    Yes, this experiment lead us to the conclusion that only chocolate-frosted toaster pastries are suitable for functioning QR codes. We need to update our findings for future pastry engraving enthusiasts.

  3. [...] store, to the media lab shop (this has taken me 2 months, hah). Now I have replicated the work of and created laser-etched nyancat [...]

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