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Post Derby Events at LVL1


As Louisville recovers from Derby, don’t forget LVL1’s most recognized foal, Butterscotch.

Butterscotch Fire Breathing Pony

Here’s a rundown of this week’s activities. Hope to see you at the space for this or open hours as people post on the Google Group.

  • Monday, May 4: 7-8PM Learn to use the laser for Mend it Monday; join us for basics on the 80-watt laser & quick tips from our members on cutting wood, plastics, textiles & more
  • Tuesday, May 5: 8PM -? Our general meeting where projects are showcased, updates on upcoming events, calls for help & tours. You’ll usually find the space open as early as 6:30 PM for your projects.
  • Wednesday, May 6: 7-9PM Join a network of educators to share resources to promote making in the education space.
  • Friday, May 8: 7:30PM Irregular Movie & Pizza Night – always a fun time to work (or not) on your project while a movie is on & people devour pizza.
  • Sunday, May 10: 2 – 6PM: Gammers assemble to learn how to code games for computers, mobile or whatever else.

More events located on our calendar at www.lvl1.org/events including:
Drone meetups, sewing workshops, and other items added frequently!

A few of our members of the community are looking for spare items, let us know if you have access to any of the following:

  • Outdoor seating & tables for the space
  • Working treadmill (to make a walking desk)
  • Tool cabinet for newly donated tool storage
  • Lightweight frame tubing
  • 1/2″, 3/4″ conduit pipes
  • 2 person wide arcade cabinet
  • Keep hacking on & see you at the space soon.

Butterscotch – The Fire Breathing Pony & Derby 141


Butterscotch Fire Breathing PonyKentucky and Louisville in particular are known for a lot of great historical contributions surrounding anything from bourbon to horses.

As you celebrate the 141th running of the Kentucky Derby in 2015, keep in mind that not all horses are created equal, including robotic, fire breathing ponies like our own Butterscotch.

You can see Butterscotch at LVL1 anytime, just come by anytime our space is open including our open meetings at 8PM every Tuesday. More items are available on our calendar too.

How to make your own Butterscotch
On social media:

Media Coverage:

See ‘Overlord Butterscotch, the Fire-Breathing Pony’ and more: Louisville Makers Faire releases roster

Equipment: Meet the Laser Cutter


One of the most frequently used pieces of equipment at LVL1 is the laser cutter.


The laser is capable of cutting through a variety of materials including wood, plastics (such as acrylic sheets) and even textiles such as felt.

Here’s a few sample projects you can try:

Frequently you’ll be instructed to create a vector file which is simply a set of geometric shapes the computer or laser cutter can understand and move the laser left, right, up, down at specific speeds. You may be asked to use Adobe Illustrator (part of Creative Suite) or LVL1 uses the freeware version called Inkscape which you can download and learn to use.

After designing your file you can then follow the direction on the equipment’s WIKI entry to load and operate the laser. Further directions.

So get your pattern, obtain your material and get cutting!

You can find our open ours through our Google Group or find more information on getting involved.

Hack on!

Donate to LVL1 by Shopping at Amazon


Amazon.com has a program called Amazon Smile that 0.5% of the purchase will be donated to a charity of your choice. In this instance, we want you to select LVL1.

Linking an existing account is easy:

  • Visit http://smile.amazon.com
  • Sign in with your Amazon.com account
  • Search and select LVL1 as your charity
  • Complete your purchase and effortless donation to LVL1

For all future visits begin by going to http://smile.amazon.com and your account will be remember your donation to LVL1.

So far we’ve collected nearly $150 since being part of the program. The donation helps us purchase and maintain equipment for everyone’s use.

Of course you can always donate to LVL1 with cash (always appreciated and put to use) or used equipment.

We also maintain an Amazon wish list, just purchase and it will be shipped to.
Current items

  • Color duplexing networked printer
  • Various supplies for Raspberry Pis
  • Supplies for printing banners

Hack, shop & donate on.