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My Griswold light show!

As promised, here are some pics and a small video of my light show.

The controller for the lightshow is from  It is a 16 channel controller, but I blew out a couple of channels so they stay lit all the time.  Here is a pic.


The light controller is in the center and it feeds all the light plugs.  The sockets are just screwed onto a 2X8 board and is set into a rubbermaid tub.  This worked pretty well in the rain.  I cut slits in the side of the tub to run the wires.  No water got into the tub whatsoever.

I also built a FM transmitter to play the song to car radios.  I made a sign.


The transmitter I used was a ramsey FM 10C

It is a nice kit.  I would recommend it for this application.


 The software I used is Vixen.

Now I need to get more songs to play.

3 thoughts on “My Griswold light show!

  1. Claude Stephens

    Would you be interested in creating some frog sculptures (instead of the reindeer) and then using a frog call cd to time the light show to? Could this be powered by a generator? I'm envisioning people hearing a frog call symphony with various frogs lighting up around the edges of a marshy area. Viewed from a bridge.

    PLEASE consider something like that for Bernheim's CONNECT event on August 21st this year. Contact me and we can chat if you might be interested.

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