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The Power Racing Series needs help.

Jynn Drives like a girl

Last year LVL1 scrapped together a Powerwheel racecar which we fondly named Steve. This year several of us are trying to get another car built that is just as awesome as Steve but also competive in the races. Building these cars takes money. For something that should be built under $500 there is a lot of extra stuff needed to make us successful like battery chargers, safety equipment, and spare batteries.  The Power Racing Series shares that same problem. Tents, tables, power for 20 teams costs a lot, track building materials and safety equipment add to that.


The Power Racing Series has launched an indiegogo campaign to raise $10,000 in funds to stay afloat for the 2012 season. We have three great races scheduled at Maker Faires around the country, but we need your support to make these races possible.

We believe in the power of sharing knowledge, tools, and tech among inspired people of all ages and abilities. The need for a fun, exciting event to present open source technology, research and development to the masses is essential! Through our innovative racing series, we make engineering entertaining and approachable.

PPPRS, the Power Racing Series, began in the Chicago hackerspace, Pumping Station: One, in July 2009. Since its inception, PPPRS has hosted races that draw spectators by the thousands at Maker Faire Detroit and Kansas City Mini-Maker Faire. The last race included over 23 cars from hackerspaces like Sector 67, CCCKC, Milwaukee Makerspace, Omni Corp Detroit and i3 Detroit.

The Power Racing Series is raising funds through June 20th to support the following necessities:

- renting a timing and scoring system for the series
- funding safety equipment for the drivers
- affording the increasing travel and lodging expenses for our racers and volunteers

Reward tiers for the indiegogo campaign include collector-card style stickers of some of the most popular vehicles and racers, two special edition t-shirts, a 2012 PPPRS yearbook and even a Power Wheel from the 2011 season as well as several levels of race and series sponsorship tiers.

The leader of this popular racing series, Pumping Station: One member Jim Burke, is a full time artist and part time balloon baron who enjoys combining the arts with technology. Jim is currently working with Electromagnate Studios on a documentary titled Remade: The Rebirth of the Maker Movement. For more information about the Power Racing Series visit the website: or donate to our indiegogo




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