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LVL1 at IdeaFestival

This past week, LVL1 worked some 3D printing magic for Louisville's IdeaFestival! Throughout the festival, we were printing 1/1000th scale models of Louisville's existing buildings and visionary new ones as part of the kick-off for the Vision Louisville initiative. We had 5 Makerbot Replicators cranking out buildings for 4 full days of 3D printing awesomeness! These Makerbot Replicators will now be going to their new homes at the Louisville Public Libraries and Louisville Science Center, where they will be used as educational tools and public 3D printing resources. More information about the exhibit can be found in this excellent article from The Atlantic Cities.

Many thanks go out the folks that made this all possible. Thanks to Jeff, Brad, Kathy, Joseph, Danielle and the LVL1 community who helped staff the event. Thanks to Jon Clark and John Coder for cleaning up STL files. Thanks to Mayor Fischer for providing the Vision Louisville initiative. Thanks to Ted Smith for connecting all the pieces together. Thanks to Kris Kimmel for IdeaFestival (congrats on 10 years!). Thanks to Ceci Conway and Patti Clare for coordinating our IdeaFestival setup. Thanks to Chris Bowling at K. Norman Berry Associates Architecture PLLC for the Sketch-Up models. Thanks to Don Shepperson and Kyle Miller from the University of Kentucky College of Design for the visionary designs. Thanks to Louisville Metro Planning for providing 1/1000th scale city maps for us. Thanks to Brian Harper for sharing his Open Crowd Project on Friday. Thanks to School Factory for helping LVL1 with the donation processing Thanks to the Idea Club kids for hanging out with us the entire time and learning enough about 3D printers to tell curious onlookers all about them for us ;-). Thanks to Makerbot for their kind discount on a bulk purchase of Replicators. And most importantly, a big thanks to the Brooke Brown Barzun Philanthropic Foundation for their generous donation towards the purchase of these 3D printers now headed to the Louisville Science Center and Louisville Public Libraries!

Thank you all! We look forward to doing this again bigger and better next year.

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