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LVL1 RepRap Prusa Build-Off!

Prusa MendelLVL1 will soon be having its own RepRap Prusa Build-Off!  The RepRap Prusa is one of the most popular open-source 3D printers around, with a community and support to rival even the most popular of open-source printers.  If you've ever wanted a 3D printer, now's your chance to learn how it's put together, and walk out with one of your very own!  Sonny Mounicou will be hosting the workshop at LVL1, either March 9th/10th or March 16th/17th, depending on the availability of the attendees (that's you!).  The cost is $950, with payments being made in installments between now and March.

If you want to get involved, your $100 deposit is due Tuesday, January 15th!  To sign up for the workshop, simply email Sonny at  He'll respond with instructions on how to leave the deposit.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments here, or ask on our google group!

Happy Printing, everyone!


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