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2016 H-ACME CTF Challenge – May 28 – Workshop at 10AM, Competition at 12PM

hacme challenge
The 2016 H-ACME CTF Challenge (May 28) involves a setup of virtual computers that are running off a scoring system. Each computer is vulnerable to an attack of some kind; some computers may have passwords visible, others may contain vulnerabilities in their code... it's up to you to identify and exploit them! Each time you successfully hack a system, you will find a flag file with a code in it. This code is what you submit to the scoreboard to get your points.
Concerned that you may not have the skillz to pay the billz? No problem! We will be teaching a class earlier in the morning for those who want a primer on the tools and techniques. Additionally, we'll also be available during the CTF competition to answer questions you have, give tips and advice on the best approach, and assist in everything short of outright telling the answer.
The workshop starts at 10AM and the competition starts at 12PM. We will provide a USB flash drive with a build of Kali Linux to boot from. All you need to do is bring your laptop! Food will be provided and prizes for the teams with the most flags will be awarded.

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