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Climate Change Micro Lab – May 17, 7-8pm (Before the LVL1 Weekly Meeting)

This is a free Micro Lab on Climate Change.  A micro lab is an innovative thinking pathway to help spur ideas - in this case surrounding climate change.  It is a type of brain storming session that might take less than 1 hour.  The contact person for this event is Amy Shah.
Sign up at this link:
What is a micro lab?
More information at:
A micro lab is an innovative thinking pathway that can:
  • ensure equal group participation
  • build active listening skills
  • build on and develop connections to the ideas of others
What does this entail?
3-21+ people who might be willing to participate with an open mind
possibly paper or pencils/pens
What is the procedure?
- pick a topic: Climate change
- get into groups of 3, designate a recorder, put cell phones on silent
- begin timing 2 minutes to brainstorm individually
- Person 1 speaks for 1-2 minutes.  If a person stops before time is up, sit in silence
- 30 seconds of silence
- Person 2 speaks for 1-2 minutes
- 30 seconds of silence
- Person 3 speaks for 1-2 minutes
- 30 seconds of silence
- 5 to 10 minutes of discussion as a small group of 3
- recorder brings ideas to the broader group during time to share
Why do I want to do this?
This is a highly innovative idea that I have heard working in other settings/countries and I wanted to try it here.  I am curious how it might work for us and what might result.  This is not being done for any broader reason besides learning about climate change and trying out a micro lab.
What's it in for those participating?
I will supply light refreshments and it might be a neat evening