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Ever wanted to create a Magic Mirror? Look no further than this build session!


Session #1: Wednesday, Feb 22, 2016 6-9PM

Session #2: Saturday, Feb 25, 2017 10AM-1PM

Q: What is a Magic Mirror?
A: A Magic Mirror is a reference to a 2 way mirror with a LCD screen behind it displaying data via a web page.
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Q: Why would I want to build this?
A: So you can learn, customize and build something great!

Q: I don't know anything about a Raspberry Pi, should I attend?
A: Yes, we will walk through with explicit directions on each step of the process. If you can follow directions & type, you can build this!

Q: I want to build a bigger one, why would I want to build an 8"x10" one?
A: We have to start somewhere, you can bring your own materials (LCD, glass, frame, etc.) and follow along if you want, but the directions we have may not apply 100% to you. Using all the same parts speeds the class.

Q: I really want to attend, what do I do next?
A: Just RSVP, we'll handle the rest.

What you'll learn:

  • How to connect a Pi to the internet
  • How to copy & edit someone's code from Github
  • How to remotely connect to a Raspberry Pi via VNC
  • How to start a Pi in kiosk mode for full browser display on startup
  • How to add custom widgets/modules to the Magic Mirror

What you'll leave the session with:

  • A 10"x8" Magic Mirror base (frame, 2 way mirror & LCD w power cord)
  • SD Card that you've customized and can be added to your own Pi at home

Bring with you:

Join LVL1 for full day of classes covering 3D printing, custom embroidery and

All events Saturday, December 17

10AM-12PM: Embroider a holiday stocking
We'll provide the stocking, you provide your color choice and text and we'll show you the rest! This is a great hands-on project so you can learn the machine & have something to use for the holidays! Cost is $10 that covers all materials to produce a custom embroidered stocking you can take home with you. Please purchase 1 ticket for each stocking.
RSVP Note: Must pay by 8:30 AM Saturday, Dec 17 so we have enough material for you
Cost: $10 (covers materials)

2-4PM: Personalizing your own Tumbler
We'll provide you with an insulated tumbler to personalize! You'll learn what the vinyl cutter can help you personalize and how to quickly adhere an design to a surface.
Cost: $12 (covers 20oz tumbler & materials)

4PM & 5PM: 3D Printing: Getting to know how it works
Learn how 3D printers work, what you can print out and where to find designs. Thinking of getting a 3D printer for the holiday break? Stop here so you can learn the teams before assembling your own.

Greater Louisville & LVL1 community members -- our membership has a challenge for you.

LVL1 is taking part in the 2016 Give Local Louisville 24-hour fundraiser. We're just 1 of over 600 nonprofits in Greater Louisville to take part in this event.

How can you help?

We'll update this post by Thursday, September 15 with the giving challenges & progress.

Fire Challenges

Challenge Amount
By doing?
Goal Met?
Bundle of cables
Batch of Arduinos
LVL1's first 3D Printer
Favorite Printer
Butterscotch Demo
Aggregate Donations
Wish List
3D Printer
Routing Table
TAZ 3D Dual Extruder Upgrade
Metal lathe & tools
3D Scanner
Power tool refresh
Socket set
Biscuit joiner
Oculus desktop
New Virtual reality set
Monitor refresh

Kicker Prizes:

  • $500 - $3,500 - most unique donations ($10 minimum) (First place: $3,500; Second place: $2,000; Third place: $1,500; Fourth place: $1,000; and Fifth place: $500)
  • $500 - first donation at 12AM
  • $500-$3,500 - Most dollars raised (First place: $3,500; Second place: $2,000; Third place: $1,500; Fourth place: $1,000; and Fifth place: $500)
  • Early Bird - $1,000 to the organization that receives the first, single, online gift of $500 or more
  • Morning Rush$1,000 to the organization with the most unique donors of online gifts between 5:00-8:00 AM
  • Evening Surprise$1,000 will be awarded to an organization between 4:00-7:00 PM
  • surprise criteria will be announced to NPOs on social media at 4:00 PM. Will be based on geography.
  • Late Night$1,000 to the organization with the most unique donors of online gifts between 10:00-11:59 PM

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted designs to our T-shirt contest. We have put the designs to a vote, and a winner has been chosen. Congratulations to Daniel Johnsen for winning our 2016 T-shirt design contest. Enjoy the $100.

2016 T-shirt order form, deadline 11:59 PM Tuesday, May 24, 2016. Women & Men sizes available in 3 colors each.


The winning design will be printed on our t-shirts. You can choose your size from multiple styles and colors and get a hip shirt for just $20 while supporting LVL1.

While you're ordering yours, convince your friends and families to drink the kool aid and grab one while they can.

2016 T-shirt order form