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Andy Funston is teaching a workshop on Android Game Development!

He'll be covering 2d game programming in Android. In this workshop you'll roll up a simple platformer, simple AI, etc. Cover the main ideas, getting touch events, etc.

It's suggested that you have software programming experience and in particular a *basic* knowledge of Android programming and it's IDE.

Come to the workshop with your laptop with the Eclipse IDE installed, along with the Android SDK.

LVL1 will be hosting an Android development workshop on Feb. 16th you can sign up one the Eventbright page. Previous programming experience is highly recommended.

  • 7:00pm - Meet and greet, Eclipse and Android SDK help.
  • 7:30pm - Mobile app case lessons presentation from Jay Garmon
  • 8:00pm - LVL1 Android Development Workshop led by Mike Borsuk
    • Android intro / history / OS architecture overview
    • API overview
    • Development tools overview / setup
    • Build / deploy 'Hello World' sample app to emulator and device
    • Give users choice of a few sample apps to build and deploy, help with customizations for interested users
    • Optional: display and discuss a custom hardware platform running running android as well as some commodity devices running custom Android builds

For any questions about this workshop please email