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More Details:

Arduino Dashboard is a sketch/application.  This is just the beginning test version and is fairly basic.

This first version  will give you the analog value of pins A0-A6 as well as the digital pins of 1-13.

To Use the Dashboard:

** UPDATE**    There is now a compiled version of ArduinoDashboard that you can use without having to install  Each version also has a folder with the an arduino sketch that you can copy the function from as well.  I’ll leave the instructions for using the source with processing for those who want to use it that way as well.

  1. Download compiled versions:

  2. Copy and Paste function from ArduinoDashboard arduino sketch into your existing sketch
  3. Load your arduino sketch to your arduino (wait for the sketch to fully upload!)
  4. Run the ArduinoDashboard.exe file


  1. Make sure you have the ide installed
    For now you will have to have the ide downloaded, but I plan to package it on it’s own as soon as I can

  2. Download the Arduino Dashboard processing sketch and unzip/unrar
    Arduino Dashboard Rar File

  3. Copy and paste the following function into the end of your arduino sketch and call the function from your loop
    (Make sure you have  “Serial.begin (9600); ” in the setup portion of your sketch as well.
    [codebox 1]
  4. Upload your arduino sketch
  5. Start the Arduino Dashboard.pde sketch from processing

Planned Upgrades:

  • Ability to choose number of Pins to monitor
  • Classify pins as I/O
  • Choose arduino type to set additional layouts and number of pins
  • Choose color per pin for High/Low
  • Custom alerts based on variables or pins
  • Choice of graphs, buttons, or guages for each pin or variable
  • much more I’m sure

Photo Gallery:

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