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Smart Chess Research


Hi everybody!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m the new co-op who is working on a smart chess board.  To remotely identify the pieces, I’m exploring using the capacitive sensing function of the arduino.
For now, I’ve built a small board with capacitive sensors just to test it out.  I’ve basically followed this capacitive keyboard instructable.  Thus far, the sensor is being fairly inconsistent, but I’m thinking that may have to do with the super messy construction rather than the arduino/code itself.  So, I’m rebuilding the keyboard in a more precise manner and will see how that goes.  I’ll update as things move along. Thanks for reading!

-Caleb Sheehan

New Co-ops Caleb Sheehan and Isaac Gebru


WE have 2 new Fall 2013 Co-ops: Yitzhak (Isaac) Gebru and Caleb Sheehan. They are new LVL1 members! Lets give them a welcome…


Here they are testing out the Seebeck effect.

Uhh Hi


Well hi, my name is Michael Dorsey, a computer engineer student currently doing Co-op at LVL1. Right now, I’m working on two projects relating to gaming, one of them having to do with fusing a game console with a projector to make it “all-in-one,” similar to how people have been also modifying game consoles to become portable.

The other project I’m working is attempting to modify a game controller with the use of a micro-controller. I’m not fully sure how I’m going to go about doing this as I’m still in the middle of research and trying to plan this all out. However, hopefully by the beginning of next month I’ll have made much progress on my work. For now, here are some pictures that reflect the ideas of my projects.

Portable X-box 6172537277_43ce9e6179

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