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Hive13 Sumobot Recap

LVL1ers had an awesome time at Hive13 (Cincinatti's Hackerspace) this weekend. Hive13 did a great job hosting a Sumobot competition. The competition was staged in an actual boxing ring at the gym next door to Hive 13! A big thanks to the owners of the boxing gym. What a great venue. Many bots competed, but the LVL1 bots rose to the top. Jose won with "Lessor".

Here is the actual video of the rounds.

I would like to sincerely thank Hive13 for hosting this event. It is fantastic to get to know you all. It should also be noted that Hive13 made an excellent web app that organizes Sumobot competions - check it out LVL1 will be hosting our second Sumobot competition in the Fall of 2011, probably October. You have 6 months to build your next Bot! All competitors are welcome, especially other hackerspaces (Lexington, Dayton, Indy, Bloomington, Nashville...). Hope to see you there!

1 thought on “Hive13 Sumobot Recap

  1. Paul

    The code for the Sumobot Tournament website is available on github:

    One of our members, Craig, did a lot of work setting up the website. We had intended on doing live updates to the website during the tournament, but we ran into internet connection issues at the venue.

    Congrats to the winners. I can't wait until the next tournament down at LVL1.

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