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Get your Game On

Come on down to the space Saturday, September 8th at 8pm and we'll be talking about gaming, PC style mostly. Bring your rig if you got one, as we will be doing a LAN party with the game Team Fortress 2, which is now free for download. Please install it before you show up as it will take forever to download at the space. GO to to download it.   Never played it before?  No problem, come on down, we will try to have a few extra consoles available.  Click more to see what all we'll be doing.

  • Pat McCarthy will be giving a demonstration of Eve Online for those of us (me included) that aren't familiar with it.
  • Aaron will be doing a presentation on TF2 tips and tricks.
  • If you are interested in demonstrating a cool game, contact jeffjohnvol at gmail.
  • Jeff Johnson will be talking about the Frankenstein build project.
  • We'll have someone talking about a seperate group that is into game development
  • Post discussion, we'll be gaming.

If you don't want to game, but want to work on your rig, bring it down and work on it.  I have one I plan on building after the meeting.
Also, if you have spare PC parts, bring'm and we'll put them on the swap table.  You might be able to trade for something better, or just sell it (or donate it to someone whose rig is in poor shape).

Contact Jeff Johnson ( for further information if needed.

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