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Pardon our dust — LVL1 is Still Moving!

LVL1 Move, Wall Logo

It's been a busy month around LVL1! As we announce in April,we're moving to a new building at The Pointe in Butchertown! The new digs feature 8800 square feet of concrete floors, with three phase power, plenty of electricity run throughout, a dedicate wood/metal shop area (including the ability to weld indoors!), and better climate control. We've been working hard to get the new place ready to inhabit. We raised $9,001 through the Community Foundation's Give Local Louisville campaign (thanks to you, our community!), which we've been using to customize our space for hacking. In true DIY fashion, we've been working on this almost entirely on our own.

Plenty of space upgrades some along with the sweet new hackerspace, including new member shelves (care of the Community Foundation capacity building grant), a Shapeoko mill (care of Inventables), upgrade networking equipment, brand new kitchen appliances (care of GE), new projectors and smart-board technology (care of Power Creative), and more!

We've spent the past two months clearing out the new space, moving the old space, pulling building permits, and building walls. Currently, the walls stand roughed-in, waiting for inspection. After we receive our rough inspection, we'll add drywall and insulation. Following that, we can receive our final inspection and occupancy certificate. As soon as we receive our occupancy certificate, all operations move to the new space!

Until further notice, operations are still at the 814 E Broadway location! When operations move to 1205 E Washington, we'll let folks know via this blog, facebook, twitter,, our public mailing list, our member's only mailing list, and possible smoke signals from the roof. Our grand-opening celebration is tentatively scheduled for August 9th, so save the date!

More pictures and details of our move after the break:

LVL1 Move, DumpsteringOver our first three weeks of possessing the building, we managed to remove 65 cubic yards of trash and debris from the space. Thanks to the heroic efforts of dozens of hackers, we got the old walls torn down and carried out in record time-- The first week along, we managed three dumpster-loads!

Next began the process of packing and moving junk from the old space. Thanks to a rented lift-gate truck, and a small armada of trucks and trailers, we got most of our stuff hauled away in just one week!

LVL1 Move, MovingUnfortunately, it's never as simple as just moving all our stuff. Red tape and over-committed public servants delayed our building permit by weeks. It took some arm-twisting to get the log-jam freed up, but we finally received our building permit and began building out the walls.

LVL1 Move, Shop rough-in

LVL Move, Building WallsIt took a long weekend to rough in 170+ feet of studs, but we got it done! We're currently waiting for a rough-in inspection before we add drywall and insulation, and we'll need plenty of help to get the drywall hung, so keep an eye out on our mailing list for ways you can help!


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