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This Saturday, 28 October 2017, join us for our 7th annual Sumobot Tournament/Halloween Party. You don't have to be a member to attend this fun event. Watch autonomous robots try to push each other out of the ring. Costumes are encouraged. (And, of course, all kinds of nerdiness is encouraged -- costumewise or otherwise.) Festivities begin around 8:00 pm and last until way after the last robot is left standing.



The Sumobot Tournament will probably begin around 9:00pm. The party has no end in sight.

Check the calendar on our events page for other upcoming events and workshops.


LVL1 community member Tim G. and his wife created this great ghostbusters costume for their son Harper.

I have attached the schematic for the proton pack lights.  I used a 6V lantern battery as part of the pack so I didn't need a voltage regulator.  The flashlight has a separate 9V battery located in the gun and 6 white LEDs.

I used these plans for the pack: although many parts had to be swapped out for similar items that were half the size.
The main structure of the pack is made from black coroplast since I had some on hand.  In fact I made the whole pack aside from the straps using items I had lying around.  For sounds I mounted a small mp3 player on the gun and used the 6V battery to power a set of USB powered PC speakers.