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Space Gets some New Test Equipment

Its nothing fancy, but if you have a power supply you think is bad, or you think you have some bad network lines, you may want to come down to the space and borrow some new test equipment we have.  Read further on for the specs.  Thanks to the dozen or so people at LVL1 who pitched in to get this for us all to share.  For a link of other fine equipment we already have, see

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LVL1 2010 by the numbers

  • 30 new LVL1 members
  • 1 new space
  • 31 LVL1 General Meetings / Open Builds
  • 6 special events and celebrations
  • 14 workshops
  • 52 Freeduinos Assembled
  • 21 TV-B-Gones Assembled
  • 21 Mintiboosts Assembled
  • 10 Louisville Soundbuilders Meetings
  • 4 KYOSS Meetings
  • 172 Google Group Members
  • 3993 Google Group Posts
  • 1 new Makerbot
  • 1 Balloon eating tree
  • ??? Estimated bottles of beer consumed

Grand Tuesday Tomorrow 11/9!

Just a reminder that tomorrow’s meeting is GRAND TUESDAY, the 1 year anniversary of the first Tuesday meeting of what would become LVL1 :).

Over the past year the story has consistently been the same: people curious about technology show up to see what LVL1 is about. They come in as strangers, but never leave that way. New folks are especially encouraged to attend! There is a huge amount of collective knowledge to share. There are lots of projects to scratch your geek; which could use some extra hands. LVL1 has created a space for these interactions to happen, but even more importantly we’ve created an open community. We’re using the Grand Tuesday 1 year anniversary to celebrate this fact.

There will be snacks and homebrew beer. And like every Tuesday, we’ll have an open build session and lots of geeking out.

All are welcome!

In case you missed it

LVL1 Made the Sunday paper. Read all about it!

Repost: Thanks are in order!

By request, this is the thank you email posted to the list:

Hello all,

Last night’s Open Haus was such an overwhelming success that I didn’t
have a chance to thank everyone properly.

Thank you to Kwau-La-Waul Properties and the Zink family for leasing
us such a fantastic space. Steve Jr. did a great job doing the build
out for us. They put in the new walls, plumbing, A/C, electric and
replacement doors windows.

Thank you to for providing the internet connection and IPs gratis.

Thank you to Matt Frassica at the Courier-Journal for coming out to
check out what we’re doing.

Thank you to the Collexion members who came up to help us celebrate.

Thank you to everyone who brought projects to show off!

Most importantly, thank you to all the founding members who’ve
contributed their knowledge, time and finances to make LVL1 a reality.
The contributions are too many to mention, so I won’t even bother. It
takes a leap of faith to try and bootstrap a community like ours
without any guarantee of success. You are heroes, every last one of

9 short months ago, Brian and Mark put out a post to see who else in
Louisville was interested in starting a hackerspace like the other
spaces popping up all over the US. People showed up. And they kept
showing up. We self-organized and came up with a plan to bootstrap
this thing. The plan worked! 9 short months from nothing but an idea
to an awesome real physical space.

The first question I always get when I talk about what LVL1 is
doing… What exactly is a hackerspace? It’s a surprisingly difficult
question to answer. I think it has something to do with computers and
electronics… These spaces are so conceptually new, that there isn’t
a lot of history to help define them. The best I can think of is to
offer analogies. Musicians need venues to perform at. Basketball
players need courts to play on. Painters need galleries to show off
their work. Skateboarders need skateparks to show off their tricks.
Poets need open mic nights to read their work. etc. etc. Tinkerers,
makers, hackers, programmers and engineers need hackerspaces to work,
learn, share and socialize. Computers and electronics alone touch
almost every facet of our modern lives, so the breadth of possible
projects is incredibly large. And a hackerspace can be much more than
just computers and electronics. I think that was demonstrated by the
wide variety of projects on display last night!

Now that we have our space, let’s move boldly forward. Our success as
a hackerspace should be measured by the good times we have, the
friends we make and the great projects we create. Remember all the
things that have helped us build a great community and keep doing
them. Go out of your way to be open and welcoming to new members.
Share what you know. If you want something to happen, take the lead to
make it happen. Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. Figure
out where to start, be prepared to fail, readjust and try again. All
of the democracy and voting in the world is no substitute for a
healthy culture of learning and doing.

Thanks again. I looking foward to this time next year, when we can
look back and again be pleasantly surprised by what has been

I will now officially exercise the sole privilege of my office and
redesignate my LVL1 title from “Chief Tyrant of the Collective Will”
to “Micro Colonel”.

High 5s all around!

Micro Colonel LVL1

That’ll do vac.. that’ll do.

LVL1 Open Haus – 7.6.2010

The dust is still settling and the space is still coming together, but please join us for our first open house meeting. Check out the space and see some of our member’s projects. Socialize with fellow tech-minded makers and hackers. Celebrate the end results of a 9 month sprint that took us from an idea to an actual space for Louisville to call it’s own!

Facebook Event

LVL1 Hackerspace Build-out in Progress!

After last night’s meeting, I wandered around our space to document the build-out and the building. Lease will start on July 1st!

Meeting Tonight 5/25 @ Heine Bros

We’ll be meeting tonight at Heine Bros in St. Matthews as usual. Lease details are being worked out for our new space on Broadway. We’ll be planning details for our move in to the space. We’ll also have a report from those who visited Maker Faire this past weekend.

As always; makers, hackers and curious bystanders are welcome to come check us out.

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